A Jolt of Happiness

A Jolt of Happiness

A Story by chaselbrown

A story I wrote from my experiences, with some twists.

A Jolt of Happiness

Roger recently moved from a small delightful town where friends were aplenty, and easy to make, even if you were shy, which Roger was. Everyone knew each other, and everyone was so friendly. When he and his family moved to the big city, he had very high hopes for what may come in the future. He thought for sure he was going to be one of the so called "cool" kids, and thought that moving would make his life so much better...

The time was dawn, as the sun rays faded and failed to make light, Roger was once again, alone in his dark depressing room with remote in hand. Although his eyes were on the TV, his mind was not. Roger had began to second guess moving to the city, away from all he had known his whole life, his friends. It has been approximately a month now, and no friends had been made, only a few conversations had taken place. His high hopes had vanished like a bullet shot out of a chamber. He tried and tried to make friends, even a girlfriend. Everything was so well thought out in his head on making conversation with people he was interested in being friends, but when it came to executing, he could not swing the axe. He didn't understand what was wrong with him, he was to shy, shy as someone with their lips sealed shut. The days began to blur, and the days were routine. This was a bad start to what he thought was going to be a blast.

Another month of school has passed, he found himself in a similar situation, alone. This time the TV was off, and all he thought about was making friends, a girlfriend, he did not care,  anyone would be fine, he was beginning to become desperate, very desperate. At this time, depression sunk in, depression was a big part of his life now. His situation was gradually getting worse, each day it became harder for him to make friends for he was visually sad. At this time happiness was long gone, like the City of Atlantis. Loneliness was Rogers only friend, loneliness was a bad influence when it came to making decisions. He had began thinking about very bad thoughts on how to cope with his depression. All hope in Rogers mind had been lost, he now did not even try to make friends, or even talk to anyone. The thought that Roger had been thinking about was suicide, it seemed liked the best way, the only way to get him out of the situation.

A couple days passed, thoughts of suicide became stronger. He not only thought of it, but thought how he would accomplish it. There were no guns in his household, only a bathtub and some knifes. The status of his life was now at absolute zero, the lowest anyones life could be.

Roger was laying in his bed, thinking of when he would leave his life which would be very soon. He thought of ending it now, while his parents were out running errands. Somehow someway, Roger was going to end it all, he began removing his blankets to get up to proceed with his plan, until he heard a faint pop came from his computer speakers. He slowly got up, with no enthusiasm at all. Roger shook the mouse, the computer screen lit up, the light leaving his eyes no mercy. On the computer, it said "1 Message," he opened it up, it was a very pretty girl on the other end of the message. A jolt of happiness found his lips, as he began smiling faintly, he sat down and wrote back.

Written by Chase L Brown

© 2011 chaselbrown

Author's Note

This is my first post for "Writers Cafe," I wrote it from what I (somewhat) went through, with twists ( like suicide, suicide is not an option for me ). To me the story seems rushed and to short. But tell me what you guys think, be hard, and be honest. Also, give me ideas ( random ) for my next story.

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Wow, I didn't know you were such a good writer! This story is sad, it gives a good illustration on what it feels like to move from everything you know, though I've never been in that situation. I'm glad the suicidal part was just a twist to the story but if you ever do feel that low then you should just call me up and I'll be in KC in a flash! Actually a rough estimation would be about 3 hours. I also enjoyed the ending of your story with the girl messaging you, which I'm assuming she is the one that is now your girlfriend. :) It shows how something as simple as a quick message could change someone's life around. Keep writing! You're great at it!

Posted 10 Years Ago

i love that, and you:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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