The White Rose

The White Rose

A Story by Cheyson

The White Rose


She smelled the white rose, before gently setting it down on the grave. A tear rolled off and fell on a petal. She felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around. It was her husband. She leaned into his shoulder and let him comfort her, though she could tell he needed it too. She was selfish, and didn't know what to do. Their baby lie dead just below the ground. And here she was, no longer the same. Not a trace of before could be found. She needed him, and she could tell he needed her too.

Days later she came back in secret. The white rose was wilted and brown. She had brought a shovel and she started to go down. Half way there she felt a hand grab hers and it twisted her around. Again there was her husband, not a trace of emotion could be found. Then his eyes turned soft, and he pulled her close. Holding her as tightly as if letting her go would make her disappear. She returned the embrace as tightly as she could bare, and afterwards they made their way towards the car door. When they got home, they made love as passionately as if it were their last. Which, in fact it was.

Weeks later they were arguing, about some little thing. It did not really matter that he couldn't have just one last fling. All he cared about was her, now that their baby was gone, but she just wanted to move on. It cut him deep, he did not heal. She did not know just yet, how she had made him feel. In all innocence, she broke it off, his secret soon revealed. He had become something she didn't know, and he did not know that inside her did grow, another seed from their passionate love. She let it slip to him right then, that he was going to be a daddy again. He went from incredulous to brimmed with joy. He wondered if it would be a boy.

When at last the baby was born, the man and wife were soon torn. The baby was alive, it was true. But death would take it before it was two. They did not know just what to do. They prayed and prayed, both thought it was in vain. Why would God have their baby slain? The first was taken after its first breath, and this one had just one year left. But amazingly, they did not see that their child broke the curse they called disease. It was a miracle; it left them both quite stunned. Then they were happy and thanked their Lord. They knelt and prayed all day, then spread the word.

How happily this all ended, even if at first it was quite hard. They made it through the time of the White Rose.



© 2009 Cheyson

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Added on February 28, 2009
Last Updated on February 28, 2009



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