A Chapter by Cheyson

          Whiiiiizzzzz, something shot past my head, grazing my cheek, drawing blood. I ducked behind the nearest clump of shrubs I saw. I was on all fours, breathing heavily, the adrenaline rush making my skin come to life. I peered around my only piece of protection and saw to my horror, that He had found me. How did he catch up to me so fast? But right now that didn't matter, what mattered was the thing he was holding in His hands. He held a wad of essence, which was quickly taking form as he controlled it's every move with His mind. It lengthened and coiled, then solidified. It looked like a large snake, but it was infact a whip, His weapon of choice. He cracked it, slicing the very air in half. If I was to make it home safely I would have to act fast. I quickly grabbed at the essence of the shrub protecting me. I lured it out with a movement of my hand, demanding its obedience. It reluctantly pulled away from itself, the tendrils of essence gliding into my hand. For an instant I twitched my hand, testing the control, the tree quivered and moved in the direction I had twitched. This essence would do. I cut off several tendrils from the rest. I cut the connection and allowed the other tendrils to return to itself. It snapped back hungrily, glad to be home. The tendrils still in my hand lay limply, as iff they were dead. But I knew they still buzzed with life. I contorted the essence into the shape of knives, four of them, bending and twisting as my hands worked over them. I extended a force of will commanding them to solidify, haarden, and be real. Mere seconds had passed, and He was upon me. I heard the whistle of the whip as it descended. I jumped backward, just as the shrub was demolished, torn to pieces in a single second. I felt a pang of guilt, it was my fault the poor shrub was destroyed, its essence seeping into the dirt and being lapped hungrily into the roots of other plant forms. The dirt itself recieving a small portion. My essence knives were incomplete, but they would be enough for now, hopefully. I stood up and faced Him, my chin jutting out defiantly.

            "You shall never find them!" I declared. Not if I have anything to do with it. I thought.

          A merciless laugh rang out, sending a shiver down my spine as it always seemed to do. A laugh that struck fear into even the bravest of men. A laugh that made one's blood run cold, and made all but Time herself stop. "But I already have, and soon, so very soon, they shall mine, and You, shall witness their corruption"

          That's when I decided it was time to act. But before I could even lift a finger, let alone throw a knife, the darkness seized me and a howl of pain escaped my lips before I hit the ground, the merciless laughter in my ears, filling my very soul with dread....and pain, so much pain. And then, there was nothing.

© 2009 Cheyson

Author's Note

This is just an idea for a book I have, I'm not sure if its worth continuing, so please tell me if you think I should or not.

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yes please! lets make a bargain, i'll continue Half love, if you continue this^^

Posted 14 Years Ago

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