A Dance in the Land of No Points

A Dance in the Land of No Points

A Poem by Cheyson

this is just some crazy, wacked out story I wrote just for the fun of it.


Who is this sweet beauty who dares to catch my eye? I must know her name, I must know.

My life is hers with no regret, Love at first sight, my minds upset.

Her touch to me with amazing grace. Like Romeo her glove I wish I was, her love I wish I had.

Speaking nonsense, nonstop stare.

Pace upon the floor, waiting evermore, in a daze. A walk through life faced unfazed.

A dream is gone, my soul is lost, she turns around, her hair is tossed.

She says hello, Me? Struck dumb. Everywhere, was I numb.

Thoughts of what an idiot followed closely after.

Hello goodbye, goodbye sweet one,a grace beyond cold cut stone.

For the life of me, she was gone. I chased along,

frightened to lose, the one good thing for me to choose.

I caught her up, up in my arms, and then our hearts began to warm.

The moral of this fantasy? Don't give in to useless ecstacy.

Go for the gold, dig deep, dig far, and pretty soon you'll be farther than where you are.

I know about it's pointlessness, this story has no meaning, and if indeed you're reading this, you'll gain no further gleaning.

This is done, it's said and gone. Useless stories are such fun.

I'll say goodbye to you at last. The story's done, I've had a blast.

Good day to you, my dear dear friend, Sad to say, this is The End.

© 2009 Cheyson

Author's Note

hahaha tell me what you think of this, any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Added on September 13, 2009
Last Updated on September 13, 2009



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