A Year In Rhyme

A Year In Rhyme

A Poem by Cheyson

I rather think the title is self explanatory. :)


A life I had before, gave not what I thought was in store,
I thought pure joy, yet instead turned dread, at what lay in wait for me.

I thought "I can change it, fix it, I can," but twas the wrong man


How could I not see what my mother and brothers saw straight through?

I had it all wrong, I had a loose screw.

I must have been dreaming by day, and wishing by night, for love that could not be.


There was no end, to the pain I felt, at the crappy hand, I myself dealt.

I gave more love than I knew I had, and what did he do?

He threw it in the trash, that freaking cad.


Along came another, a crutch he did serve.

He would NOT do the same, he gave me his word.

I believed him at last, after some time had passed,

But alas, what an a*s, he left me for some other lass, 


I cannot tell you, how bad I feel, for the poor young lad who pursued shortly after.

My heart was on guard from there forever after.

I shoved him away, and now he's with her,

but it's whatev, I'm not bothered, she is just a girl.


Now currently I've got a man quite contrare,
He doesn't drive fast, or let his music blare.
He's leaving in December, he's in the navy you see,
Sometimes I wonder, what the heck is wrong with me?

The first time he tried, I denied him his kiss,
And I do really think, he got a little pissed.


I'm just not the same since a year ago, I messed with a married man,

And almost let myself go, I feel like a hoe,

I have never truly let myself be free, and I shan't think I will untill I forgive me

© 2011 Cheyson

Author's Note

Well, I don't really have much to say on this. It is what it is.

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Oh My Goodness, I had to chuckle a bit, i loved the last two stanzas, This is amazing, you are very talented.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 1, 2011
Last Updated on August 1, 2011



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