Flying Home To New Beginnings

Flying Home To New Beginnings

A Story by Marie Harrison

A short story about new chances in life.



Flying Home To New Beginnings

Elation was the look he always had on his face when I stepped off the tarmac to meet and greet him. Typically we would would steam up the car windows getting reacquainted in the parking lot of the airport.  Once we got a ticket, for being too affectionate!

That evening, however the cold rain fell down in sheets of solid blue, that should have been a clue as to what was soon to come. When I stepped off the plane his deadpan face looked so plain and lame; I knew we’d lost our flame game.


My anticipation of seeing him was always strong in my body and my beating heart when we were dating long distance.  This time I was flying back to go back to our home where we lived together. Yet there was no excitement at all, no butterflies in my stomach.  In fact, my heart was barely beating at all. Somehow, my great love for his lanky body rock had waned.


We instantly knew it was over the moment our eyes locked.  Where there was once golden flames burning, sparking eyes beaming and deep dimples popping, there was barely a ripple of affection for each other.


I was shocked when he unlocked his heart chains that had always been wrapped around mine. The roar of my sorrow was as deep blue as Puget Sound. It was the sour pits of quits for our long-term love relationship.


My princess diamond crown that he’d given me years ago was suddenly tossed to the ground.  But now my options were open for true love and happiness. His chains of control over me were shed.  I was free to do as I wish, which was kiss his tight leash around my neck goodbye!


This was the start of my new life, when someday I could even be someone’s happy and healthy wife.  Getting over him might fill my life with strife for awhile but at least I would one day soon have a life.


Pop open the champagne and let my new life begin!


© 2010 Marie Harrison

Author's Note

Marie Harrison
Story revealing the beginnings of a relationship and the excitement and the weak embers of a dying relationship. Also the hope and joy of new beginnings. It was meant to be more of a short fantasy love story.

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even though there was sadness in it
i still found hope in the end of it all

Posted 10 Years Ago

this was a beautiful and hopeful story
i enjoyed it very much

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 14, 2010
Last Updated on September 15, 2010
Tags: Romance, Relationships, Abuse, Beginnings, Celebrations, Endings, Chances, New Attitudes


Marie Harrison
Marie Harrison

Atlanta, GA

Momma told me to get out and enjoy life, so now I'm going to dance. more..