Chaos of Love: Sheba

Chaos of Love: Sheba

A Poem by Jonso41

The night I was hypnotized and began to lust for another's woman


Chaos of Love: Sheba


I always think about that night………that night when I truly gazed upon your beauty for the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I remember when my door knocked; I was just sitting on my bed while my mind wandered in the great chaotic sea of confusion. I answered and gave permission for whomever it was who wanted to enter of course it was you, but I did not expect at all what I saw.

I remember the first thing that I looked at were your legs. Goodness were they beautiful. That beautiful dark skin and marvellous legs made my heart sink. I remember the outfit that you were wearing. I do not even know what it’s called all I remember is that I have never seen your body in such splendour like that before.

Your breasts were so beautiful, I wanted to put my face between them and suck on your n*****s like they were raisins dipped in chocolate.

But even with your beautiful legs, even with you beautiful breasts and even your beautiful skin they were all not enough to hypnotise me except for one thing.

Your eyes, your eyes caught my soul like rat in a mouse trap. The way that you looked at me was as if you wanted me, as if you wanted to pounce on me and tear all the clothes off my body.

Why have you done such a thing to me?

You have hypnotised me

You tricked my heart into lusting for you

You have taken my soul.

Now every night I think of you Sheba, I yearn for you, I yearn to caress your body, I

yearn to be in inside of you my love.

Oh why have you done such a thing to me?




© 2016 Jonso41

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Added on March 29, 2016
Last Updated on March 29, 2016
Tags: Romance, Lust, Hypnosis, Spell, Beautiful, Body



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