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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

A Story by Chloe

I finished this at about 1am; I had an itch to write something 'deep and meaningful' and considering I had quite an unpleasant day, instead of punching a wall, I decided to vent my anger through this.


You and I, we've hit rock bottom again, haven’t we?
Staying up late at night, unable to sleep by the racing thoughts you get in your head and the piercingly loud music from the house party a few doors down from you. Doesn't the sound of laughter and socializing really rub you the wrong way? Doesn't it make you want to go down there, like an old woman and point your finger at them and rant at how their enjoyment is making it hard for you to get some rest? Or would you like to go down there and point at them with the barrel of a gun instead, and shoot every last b*****d there who raises their voice louder than one decibel above your tolerance.
Is it the way the laughter reminds you that you’re surrounded by nothing but loneliness; a never-ending cycle of self-influenced or forced solitude that causes you to grow more bitter and anxious towards the human race day after day?
Is it the way you’re surrounded mostly by false friends? False friends that would easily spend an evening and rant to you about every problem they've ever had, but when it comes to your issues, they've already ran a few kilometres so that they can focus on their own well being. A whole network of pretentious individuals who suck the limited life out of you through their very minute, tedious and insensitive actions, knowing deep down that they’re making the hair on your arms stand up like prickles on a cactus; as uncomfortable and painful as that may be, it persists.
Perhaps you’re tired, and you’re this acrimonious due to the fact that it’s so late, and all you want is sleep. But wouldn't that be making us forget about the numerous times you have spent in your bedroom, alone, scrolling through the tabs and tabs of monotonous webpages, hoping to find something interesting that would separate that day from being yet another one of your so titled, “ground-hog days”?
Your love interests are fleeting, and perhaps that’s making you bored. You’re quite the hopeless romantic, aren't you? Especially with that young gentleman from London who’s quite the perfect match for you? His long ebony hair, his cheeky youthful grin and his eyes when he looks into your direction, that appear to be soft and gentle, relaxing even, to an extent that all your anxieties seem to fade away like a breath of smoke in a cold evening. It’s a shame for you and your unfortunate situations that occur frequently that this particular man lives 300 miles away from you. When he tells you that he cares for you like no other, does it make your little fragile heart flutter? Or does it break, into tiny shattered pieces, as it seems to know more than you do that his touch is a fair distance away from the reality you live in.
Your real life love situation is no more than what God would be in today’s society; non-existent and rather pointless to be blunt; a parasitic entity that will bring meaningless pain and false joy into your life. Just like a lot of things you do, all of them pointless, the whole lot of it.
So what is it? Would you like to specify or is it an accumulation of all of your unpleasant life experiences, as if no one else had to put up with the trauma and stress you do. Your selfishness really seems to radiate as you sit there and lock yourself away from everyone; isolating yourself because you’re so hard done by.

At least answer me this:

I've hit rock bottom, haven’t I?

© 2014 Chloe

Author's Note

It may be a tiny bit rushed at the end, due to how exhausted I am, but I satisfied my itch to write, so I hope you can forgive.

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I can clearly see and feel the anguish in this piece but I honestly don't think the narrator (you?) has hit rock bottom. the situation is not desperate, I feel.
a heart-felt piece of writing. interesting soul searching.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you, I agree with your comment; I suppose when I meant "rock bottom" it was more of a passing .. read more

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1 Review
Added on July 6, 2014
Last Updated on July 6, 2014
Tags: Rock Bottom, Angst, Monologue, Self pity, Depression, Anxiety, Pathetic, First Piece, Rough, Short story, relate



Manchester, United Kingdom

I'm just a young person with two different extreme views to life. One day I can be utterly enthusiastic about it and ready to face it, and others I can be a bitter and unlovable person. I like to wr.. more..