Watch The Sky - Part 3

Watch The Sky - Part 3

A Story by Chris Rankine

Chief Inspector Leonard Sullivan awakes to horrendous news that will cause more misery, suffering and confusion around the world. On another planet, the Nergosi celebrate another capture, but for what


Watch The Sky


Part 3


It could have been the sunlight sneaking through the partially drawn curtains, or the vibrating of his phone going off, either way Chief Inspector Leonard Sullivan woke to find three voicemails on his phone. Groggy and barely awake, Leonard fumbled for his phone and began retrieving his voicemails.

The first was from a flustered and newly promoted Inspector, practically begging him to come into the station. Leonard hadn’t known him long, but he did not strike him as somebody who panicked over minor things.

The second voicemail was from his boss, Superintendent Harry Copeland, this was direct and to the point, typical Harry. “Get into the office right now Sullivan.”

In truth he barely heard the third voicemail as he was frantically getting ready to leave the house. He recognized the voice, Paul McLaughlin, a journalist for one of these newspapers that thought it was highbrow just because it printed more political articles, rather than most other newspapers who concerned themselves with more with the latest celebrity news and gossip than ‘real’ news and world events. Paul was wanting leonard’s thoughts on the breaking news.

“What breaking news?” he wondered as he left the house, not at all looking forward to going to work.


Exhausted and apprehensive, Leonard burst into the office, as expected it was hectic, at least a dozen people jammed into an office really meant for four. Just about every rank of the police force were represented here. It sounded like just about everybody was talking, either on the phone or to each other, it made him want to turn tail and run, however, before he had the chance Superintendent Harry Copeland yelled at him: “Sullivan, over here now”

He did as he was told.

“What’s up boss?” he asked  before he had even reached the intimidating figure of Harry Copeland. The look on his face changed to a mix of anger and astonishment.

“What’s wrong? Do you not watch the news, or listen to the radio?”

The answer to both questions were no, but given his boss’ mood he felt discretion was the better part of valour.

“Another bloody plane has went missing, in our backyard of all places, Heathrow”

Sullivan let out a long breath, not even realising he had been holding his breath the whole time.


Whilst people of Earth were beginning to mourn the loss of more lives, the scientists of Nergos celebrated another successful capture.

Chief scientist Necil and his team now felt that they had perfected the capturing process.

Radars pick up the planes satellite communications, once location is confirmed, Necil’s Interplanetary Location Manipulator surrounds the plane and beams it to the Nergosi Hangar.

None of the scientists care to think about what happens to the passengers after they are taken off.


“Well that was bloody hellish”

Copeland had just returned from facing the media, and ultimately left them disappointed, all he could do was confirm what they already knew, no information, no leads, no chance of solving the mystery.

“Be prepared to be mauled in the media for the foreseeable future folks, until we find out what the hell’s going on we are going to be target practice for them.”

“Not to mention the victims families, they will be looking for answers” Sullivan added unhelpfully.

He wanted so much to give these people answers, but to his everlasting regret he could not. He felt useless, a glance around the room made him realize it was a feeling they all shared.


All search and rescue teams had been called in early that day at around 15.20. As predicted the weather had worsened, the rain was heavy causing poor visibility. It had been another day with no success at all.


The rain had not let up as the evening went on, thunder and lightning had joined forces with the rain to ensure a miserable evening across the city.



At the city’s major Airport, the weather was causing all kinds of issues with flights incoming and outgoing. However, everything was still running relatively smoothly, one or two flights had been delayed taking off. An incoming flight from Munich had to make a second landing attempt due to poor vision on the approach to the runway.

Other than that it was a normal evening at work for the team of Air Traffic Controllers.

That was about to change.

The next communication they received was to completely change not only their  evening, but their lives.


The mystery of the disappearing planes was about to take a twist.




End of Part 3



© 2019 Chris Rankine

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Added on November 3, 2019
Last Updated on November 3, 2019
Tags: planes, aviation, disappearance, mystery


Chris Rankine
Chris Rankine

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom