8 Legged Adventurer

8 Legged Adventurer

A Story by Chris Rankine

Following the adventures of Eric the spider as he seeks a new home, away from the dangers of everyday life.


8 Legged Adventurer


The garden shed was a pile of splintered wood and rubble. Eric the spider had managed to escape through gaps between the rubble. It had been Eric’s home for quite some time, now it was gone. This was not the time to mourn it though, he had to escape before the dust settled and the humans seen him. He had not gotten far before he had to deviate his course to avoid the little incoming humans who were running towards the collapsed shed, but Eric escaped through the bushes into next doors garden, safety for the time being.

He needed to get indoors, he wouldn’t be able to survive outdoors for long.

The sight was too good to be true, the door to the house stood open, Eric scuttled towards it as fast as he could, almost there, the door was in sight. The cat appeared in the doorway, blocking Eric’s path inside. The cat seen him and swung a paw at him, thankfully Eric had avoided it, but the cat was in pursuit, chasing him, swiping out at him whenever the distance narrowed. He managed to get inbetween two plant pots , before escaping through a small gap in the fence away from the pursuing cat.

Eric now found himself in a park, it was a relatively small park, it was used mainly by the locals to take their dogs, or occasionally kids would come to play.

He had appeared to have it all, a large open space and plenty of bugs and insects to eat. It seemed like he had landed on his feet, all eight of them. However, there were potential problems, the days were getting colder, the nights even more so. Also, the park had people coming into it, whilst staying in the bushes offered some protection, it wasn’t completely safe, dogs came in sniffing about, it was only a matter of time before one found him, either that or he would get squashed by a football kicked into the bushes, or trampled on by one of the people sent it to find it.

He decided to move on after the young humans had spent the afternoon playing football, he could sense it by the vibrations caused by the running about and the bouncing of the ball, it was said ball that almost ended Eric, the tiny, sensitive hairs on Eric’s legs had detected something close by, and getting closer. That something was the football rolling ever closer to him. It was surely the end for our Arachnid friend.

It would have been if it hadn’t been for the loose branches at the bottom of the bush. It caught the ball, barely a foot away from Eric. Time to go.


Eric scampered out of the park.

The days and nights were getting colder. He had to get indoors if he was to survive.

He made it into a garden next to the park. This garden was noisy and busy. There was  a lot of movement coming from all directions, best to get out of here.

Too late, he had been standing on a length of piping, there was a skip nearby, he was surely going to end up in there, only to be hurled into a dump, but wait, the humans were carrying the piping away from the skip. They were installing new piping to the house, Eric was being taken into the house.


When the piping stopped moving, it deposited him in a dark, quiet and warm place, this was perfect for him.

This had become home within days, there were plenty of bugs and creepy crawlies, so food was plentiful, he was doing the humans a big favour by devouring these germ ridden creatures, not that they would ever know or appreciate it.

He knew if he was ever seen he would be squashed, or thrown outside.


To top it all off, he had also found a mate. Happy days.


© 2020 Chris Rankine

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Added on September 6, 2020
Last Updated on September 6, 2020
Tags: Spider, arachnid, Eric


Chris Rankine
Chris Rankine

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom