Familiar Stranger

Familiar Stranger

A Poem by Chris Micha

I've lost my beautiful words. So this is a necessary evil, to get them back.

Maybe you don't remember who we were once
or how these words use to mean the most to you
How it made you feel to know you were the key to my universe
and how your love spun me around endlessly

I was there when he left you holding on to nothing
Making you wait for something that wasn't real
You were second best, at best
While he enjoyed the company of others

Now the roles are reversed
And I'm the one left hanging on to nothing
While you romance the idea of him ever being what you deserve
All the while thinking I'm undeserving of you

It's true I've made mistakes, in life and to you
Pushed my love on you faster than I should have
Let things that didn't exist get to me
And drove you back to where you said you would never return

I know you two were talking about things
Even when we were together "supposedly"
And you returned to him swiftly
Soon as you saw your way out from me

You've shunned me out of your life like I meant nothing
Pursuing a man who won't be there in the end
He can give you all the material things
But can't give you the things you truly deserve

He's going to do the same things he did before
Hurting you in the process
Leaving you with a broken heart
And leaving you wondering why

So, when you are lying in bed wondering
Why he never says a single word for his reasons
And you feel like you can't breath
Know that this is the way I feel, each & every night

But this familiar stranger will keep on loving you
Missing you
And remembering our amazing times
Living them like it was yesterday.

© 2014 Chris Micha

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its heartbreaking that someone you love wont love you back .

Posted 7 Years Ago

awww. it really touched my heart. nice poem. Very emotional. i love the part:
"But this familiar stranger will keep on loving you
Missing you
And remembering our amazing times
Living them like it was yesterday. "
(Unconditional Love)

Very touching.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is filled with so much emotion. It is a super write. I am glad I stumbled upon it. Valentine

Posted 8 Years Ago

Chris, you wrote this straight from your heart. It isn't true that you don't have talent as a poet and writer. I see tremendous talent in your writing. You are definitely as good as any on here. Don't sell yourself short. Your writing evokes emotion and lays your soul bare. That is a quality that is obvious to the reader, and means a great deal. Great writing, my friend.

Posted 8 Years Ago

honestly the poem is good, we all have that moment of clarity realizing the ones we love dont realize it back. however, i loved the quote you put with it far more...brilliance.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Absolutely heartbreaking. There was such a feeling of regret, but no anger. Just a sad little voice of "I told you so". It makes it that much more painful to feel the acceptance of the abandonment.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 14, 2014
Last Updated on October 14, 2014


Chris Micha
Chris Micha

Richland, MS

To sum me up is pretty easy. I love writing because it's therapy for my wayward soul. Although, I am by no means any good at it, I still put myself out there. I use to write when I was younger but gav.. more..


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