Binary (100-word excerpt)

Binary (100-word excerpt)

A Story by nostal

Working title; working story; set in the Dystopian future I've always wanted to write in.



After months of deliberation and proposals, state legislators and the mayor of P.S. Boston, Cleft Collinson, reached a conclusion: they were to shoot down, or as they termed it, “forcedly immobilize," the birds. 
The Mayor promptly issued a HUD notice to be delivered to all citizens and the AACA--the Android Airway Control Agency. Hopefully, since it was half past six in the afternoon, within the parameters of mandatory HUD time, every inhabitant wealthy enough to own an Orbit Pod would be actively connected to the network, perusing the daily updates--digitally reported, assembled, and submitted in Lower Standard English, so that even the well-to-do, half-literates of the city could remain informed.  

© 2013 nostal

Author's Note

Not really much here. Just an excerpt.

To explain some concepts:

P. S. Boston: will be touched upon later.
HUD: holographic screen worn at all times by citizens, although not always switched on.
Orbit Pod: most popular vehicular design.
LSE (Lower Standard English)- one of the standard dialects

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Very intriguing. I like the world you created.

As an excert, it does it's job, creating interest. As a hundred word piece, I would suggest, honing it down in spots so that you can tell us a bit more about the birds or the choice. For example the quotes serve the exact same purpose as 'as they termed it' here:
as they termed it, “forcedly immobilize,"

That gives you four more words to enrich the content.

I hope thst this becomes part of a larger piece.

Posted 5 Years Ago

It sounds like it will be funny. will the story follow Cleft Collinson?

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Not exactly. The protagonist hasn't been introduced.

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Added on October 15, 2013
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