Fallen Chapter Twenty-Four

Fallen Chapter Twenty-Four

A Story by Chistie


              Chapter Twenty-Four
 I awoke on something soft and springy, assuming it was a bed I rolled over. To my surprise I rolled off, the soft, springy thing I thought was a bed was actually a couch. Confused I sat up and the pain startled me as it ripped through my forehead. My hand flew to the source and I prodded gently, I had no mark but the spot was tender.
 I slowly stood up and looked around; I started to panic when nothing looked familiar. I spun on the spot taking in my surroundings. The room I was in was large; besides the couch, it had a chair, a side table with a lamp on it and a small TV. The couch and the chair were black with one yellow vertical stripe on the far side, the side table was a dark wood and the lamp was an old-fashioned dome lamp. It did not give off very much light, it really only illuminated my small little area. The rest of the room was cast in darkness and not just dark but complete dark, my eyes would not adjust to the low light.
 “Nice don’t you think?” The unexpected voice came from behind me. Even though it was unexpected, it was not unknown. That voice had been haunting my dreams ever since I first heard it.
 I slowly turned to face the voice that was standing in the dark. As I turned Nicolai appeared from the darkness like a ghost coming through a wall. I moved as far away as I could without losing the light from the lamp, I did not want to move in to the dark, I was more afraid of what I could not see than what I could.
 “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” Nicolai held his hands up in mock surrender, stopping where he stood.
 “Don’t come near me.” My voice shook with fear, I did not want him to think I was afraid of him but my voice betrayed me.
 “You know you want me too but since you insist I will stay where I am. Why don’t you have a seat, so we can talk?” He gestured to the chair but I did not move.
 “I’m fine. Where is Cooper?”
 “He is fine, safe for now.” Nicolai chuckled darkly and took a seat on the couch.
 Fear coiled in my stomach, it heaved trying to release the pressure. I was thankful I had not eaten in a while. I turned away from Nicolai, turning in to the darkness and my stomach released what it could.
 “That was a bit dramatic, don’t you think?” Nicolai was examining his fingernails, giving me a little privacy I supposed.
 “What do you mean ‘for now’?” My voice was weak from the heaves but I talked as loud as I could.
 “Oh, don’t worry. Cooper will stay safe as long as you do as I say.” He stood up and came towards me.
 In my weakened position, I did not have the strength to stop him from grapping my shoulders, pulling me close.
 “I have dreamed about this for a long time Kennley. I have been patient with you, waiting for you to make the right choice. To join me and fulfill your destiny.” He was caressing my cheek with his hand, burning my skin.
 I tried to move away but his grip was firm. The more I struggled the tighter he held me.
 “My destiny is to be with Cooper.” I stared in to his deep eyes, searching for something that could help me escape.
 Nicolai chuckled and leaning closer to my ear he whispered, “No, you are to be with me. The Stars tried to stop it but I was smarter than they, I will have you.” His voice had gone deep with frustration as he watched the defiance build in my eyes.
 “I will never be with you Nicolai, I love Cooper and the others too much to do that to them.” I could see I hit a nerve when I declared my love for Cooper and the others.
 “No matter, you will see. The others will not come for you and if they do, they will die.” He grabbed a hold of my chin and jerked my face up towards his.
 “I will have you.” Before I could stop him or jerk away, Nicolai kissed me. Pressing his hard, hot lips against mine, moving in unfamiliar ways. I tried to push away but Nicolai just pressed harder. Something inside of me stirred, it was something deep down and buried and when it broke free, I was kissing Nicolai back with all of my being.
 I pressed my body up against his, my blood pounding in my ears, trying to get as close as I could, wrapping my arms around his neck. His body was burning through his shirt; I could feel it scorching my skin. His hands tied themselves in to my hair, holding my face to his. My body shivered but not because it was cold, I could feel my body pull towards him, wanting him. My body was molding to his, fitting itself to his hard features and loving the way they fit. As his hand slid down my arm, finding the small of my back, I moaned, my body screaming for more.  
 The sane part of my brain was screaming at me to get away from Nicolai, pleading with me to stop but the other part, the part that was burning to be with Nicolai was moaning in pleasure, whispering to me to keep close to him. The insane part of me won and there I stood, kissing Nicolai.  
 Nicolai pulled away first, breathing heavily and I could see sweat beads on his forehead. So I was not the only one who felt the smoldering heat, something that was more physical than not.  
 “I knew you could feel it too, this is your destiny.” His voice was husky and strained as he whispered against my lips.  
 His voice snapped me out of my insanity and I pulled away from him. He looked confused, hurt, and a little angry.
 “I-I don’t know w-what I feel Nicolai.” My voice was equally husky but it was also shaking with fear.
 What was I doing? How could I want to be with Nicolai?
 “Well while you are thinking about what you want, why don’t we have some fun?” He had a wicked look on his face, as he pulled closer to me.
 “No Nicolai.” I stepped farther in to the shadows.
 “Why not? You know you like it, I could tell.” He was starting to get angry he stopped moving towards me. He folded his arms across his chest and tapped his foot.
 He looked comical but I stifled my laugh.
 “Stop it Nicolai. I cannot think with you hovering over me.” It was not the entire truth but true enough.
 “Fine, if you want to be left alone I will leave.” He filled the space between us, leaned down, and lightly kissed me on the cheek.
 I felt my cheek burn, I touched the place where his lips had touched and felt a small impression. I looked up in time to see Nicolai strolling from the room, disappearing in to the darkness.
 I looked around at the furnishings and huffed out a breath I did not realize I was holding. I slowly made my way over to the chair, plopping down on to the cushion.
   Putting my head down between my knees, I considered my options. I could stay with Nicolai, betraying everyone I love. At this, my body tensed. I had a sort of hunger, a hunger to be with Nicolai, to betray everyone and just be bad. I shook my head trying to dislodge the feelings for him, the feelings of betrayal. I did not want that, I wanted to be with Cooper. He is my true destiny. I could feel the truth of it in my bones.
 How was I supposed to get out of here though? How did Nicolai get in to the manor in the first place? I thought it was protected, maybe when he attacked us he used some sort of tracking device.
 I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was back on the couch. I was not as confused as the last time I woke up on the couch but I was still wary. I had been on the chair, how did I get to the couch. My answer came from a small laugh, sounding from the chair.
 “You sleep a lot.” Nicolai was sitting in the chair with his legs crossed in the usual guy manner.
 “I’ve had a lot to deal with.” Making small talk with the enemy, not a good sign.
 “Well, you must be hungry. How about some food?” He bounced to his feet, holding his hand out towards me.

© 2008 Chistie

Author's Note

This is the longest chapter i think so far but i couldn't decide on how to end it!!

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I'll be hanging onto the words...

Posted 11 Years Ago

well....i dont like that her and nicolai actually have something...it sucks....she has to go kill him and be with cooper....OH! i know! you could so make them all start doing it and her just shoot a lightening bolt thingy through his chest and kill him! it would be perfect!!!! then....her all arounsed and all, she could go find cooper and they could do it.....ya know cuz theyve missed each other for so long and all. ha ha. and no thats not what i would do. but it would be funny....i love the book though.............KEEP WRITING WOMAN :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

This went very well and the way you ended it worked.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on June 14, 2008



Cougar, WA

I love to read! That is my favorite past time, after reading some stories written by people five years younger than me I decided to try it out. I was always good at writing but never really took that .. more..

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