Creative writing topics can come from anywhere.

Creative writing topics can come from anywhere.

A Story by herears

If you’re having trouble getting started, I have included 10 topics below.

You can use your own real life experiences, dreams, other people’s stories, or just something out of thin are. There are no set rules. Creative writing topics can be any genre, from romance to sci-fi, to horror, anything goes.

If you’re having trouble getting started, I have included 10 topics below.

Creative Writing Topics:
1.    Write about the scariest dream you’ve ever had? Why was it scary?

2.    Create your own planet with a unique race. Imagine they only have a limited time to either escape the planet or stop the meteor that is coming towards them.

3.    Create a character that has a special power. Not only does he/she not know how to use the power, but they must use the power for good.

4.    Write a story about a personal experience. Perhaps it’s your first day of school, you've learnt to ride a bike, or it’s your first day of work. Be as descriptive as possible. Talk about scents, noises, and how you felt.

5.    Start a story based on a conversation you overheard. Perhaps you overheard it on the bus, walking home, in a mall, or at the grocery story.

6.    Spend some time people watching. Pick a random person to be the main character of your story. Talk about what they do for a living, if they’re married, where they live, and why you picked them. What interested you about them?

7.    Write a dooms-day story. Imagine your characters only have a few hours or days to live. What would they do? Who would they see? How would the end come?

8.    Write a story about the love of your life, or who you think it would be. What kind of person would you be attracted too? Why? What do they look like, smell like, sound? What kind of life would you have with them?

9.    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why? Describe it? What does it look like? Sound like? How would you make money? Who would you live with?

10.    Write a story about breaking out of jail. Why are you in jail? Why do you want to escape? How do you escape? Do you die trying? If you were successful, where do you end up? Who is willing to break the law to protect you?

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Author's Note

When works as writing tutor, I like to write fiction, mixed with a little bit of personal experience; half the story is made up, half comes from some experience I had at work, at home, or somewhere in my life.

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