A Poem by Chris Z

My heart falls down the pit in my chest,

A well from which no water can be drawn.

The dark consumes it, like the mouth of a beast,


Seen only in shadows cast on the walls of the very pit it plummets.

You hope you can manage,

hope your heart could avoid such a tragedy as to be shredded by its jagged teeth.

Many times though, it would be better that way.

Better to feel the agonizing sensation than continue the everlasting drop never knowing

You can end it any time,

Make your way to it and accept your fate,

but instead, you continue down,

Growing ever farther from the light atop it all.

Reason tells you you're too far to ever return to the world you once came from;

Too far to ever see the light again

but your heart...

Your heart doesn't listen to reason.

Your heart acts on emotion,

on your wants, your dreams,

everything you've ever hoped for.

For what keeps one trudging down a path of suffering,

disregarding all that weathers their soul,

but a chance at something greater?

And then one wonders,

was the fall,

with all its pain and all its heart ache,

was it worth it,

when you are to be met with the very fate you've been denying?

The teeth dig in like dulled razors,

and with your last beat,

you realize...

Hope brought all that tormented you.

© 2013 Chris Z

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You write splendidly and convey marvelously...Bravo.................

Posted 8 Years Ago

hope brought all that tormented you. the poem has a specific brutality to it - that ache, the fall, and then the bite.
A splendid write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 23, 2013
Last Updated on December 7, 2013
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