A Life on Stilts

A Life on Stilts

A Poem by Chris Z

A life on stilts, A life below

You feel so far from everyone, Always looking at those above,

So distant So belittling

But what can you do? But what can you do?

You could come down, You could thrust yourself upon them,

Maybe make some conversation; Maybe try and take a few steps;

Be a part of the rest of society, Be one you once looked up to

Afraid, you stay and watch for a while Afraid, you stay and watch for a while

Dreaming of what it's like down there Dreaming of that world above your own

Down where it's warm, Way up high,

Down where everyone's smiling and laughing. Up where the world seems so small

                                 You summon enough courage to make your way,

                                    Anxious, you travel with open arms

                            Ready to greet that world you never thought you'd be able

Only to find it's cold there Only to fear this new found height

Colder than where you once did reside Wishing to be down to earth

Where you once called home Down where you once did reside


                                                     to be content

                                                      to be happy

                                Maybe it's not to find a better shade of green,

                                 but to find pleasure in where you're standing

© 2014 Chris Z

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A very interesting poem and form...Thank you for sharing...:).................

Posted 7 Years Ago

Chris Z

7 Years Ago

Well thanks for thanking me... haha....:).................
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

Always thankful for well deserved poems ...You are welcome...:).............

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Added on October 28, 2013
Last Updated on October 16, 2014
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