Enchanted Chapter 3

Enchanted Chapter 3

A Chapter by cimorellinz

In this chapter, Lisa finds out her results and needs to live a life of a troll if she get the slip in signed in time!

About a week later Lisa rides to the Elms Reserve to find out her results. When she gets to the village, every troll is outside their house and when she comes past, the troll bow down to her like she is royalty. She rode all the way to the castle a bit confused. The king was waiting at the gate with a white envelope. He had a huge smile on his face while he handed the envelope to Lisa. Lisa ripped open the envelope eager to see her results. It was a letter. It said, 
Dear Lisa, 
Congratulation, you got a great result. You got a percentage of 99.8% which is awesome. You didn't get 100% because of the killing, that let you down. But, you only needed at least a 60% of passing. I also had a look at some records. All the trolls in the village are so excited about this news. You great grandfather discovered Elms Reserve, so you are troll royalty. It is all up to the king of trolls, who is your great uncle in fact, to decide if he wants a queen or not. Congratulations again Lisa, and have a exciting time as a part of the troll family. 
Yours sincerely, 
Professor Ivan von Dutch. 
Lisa was so amazed at the news. "Great uncle, is that you?" Lisa asked the king just to make sure. The king nodded and gave her another envelope. "Here," he said, "don't open it. Let your parents read through and you need it signed before you can become queen." Then the king disappeared. 
Lisa raced through the forest on her bike and back to her house. She locked her bike and raced up the stairs. "Mother, Father, come quick. Open this!" Lisa said as she raced through the door. "What the heck is this!" her mother exclaimed. "Well," Lisa started to explain, " I have been going to the Elms Reserve and I found this village of trolls. They want me to become there queen." "Definitely not. Your body is meant for chores. And anyway, who is going to keep up with lots o money when we get older if your not around? Oh, I thought so." said her parents. And that was the end of the conversation 

© 2012 cimorellinz

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Added on December 23, 2012
Last Updated on December 23, 2012
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