In The Shadow of The Crow

In The Shadow of The Crow

A Poem by Mike Mounts

A description or longing of my soul wanting to be free, and escape the turmoil of life and the ignorance of others around me.

While walking a midst the arrogance of life and the blindness of the empty shells around me,
A winged shadow flits along the ground before me like a restless spirit searching for a host.
My head glances upward, and my eyes scream in desperate longing at the oracle they see.

A massive blackness of a winged creature soars like a spiral around my hypnotized imagination. 
His ink black eyes hone on me like an archer to his target, as a pain fills my chaotic mind.
I feel my soul pulling and thrashing inside its prison of flesh, then it rips through my chest with upward escalation.

Suddenly I see my bag of bones like a statue standing on the gravity prison below.
I can feel the rebellious freedom of my new host of oiled feathers and eyes of fire.
I start to soar upward surrounded by the snow white clouds that have forever eluded my blow.

No longer feeling the tormenting pain from my turbulent mind encased in my stone like shell,
I have found the ecstasy I have longed for since the day a man I had become.
I felt the freedom allowing me to glide, dive, fly up to heaven, or if I choose down to hell.

What I was feeling I did not know, was it a trick being played by a deranged mind?
Or was it this dark giver of dreams, and friends with the devil himself taunting and tantalizing me?
As I continued to contemplate, I suddenly found my soul plummeting to the tumultuous world I left behind.

As I could feel my soul ripping through my chest once again, resting again in my prison like bag of bones,
My eyes blinked and I was once again peering at the Loki like crow above.
As his shadow drifted like a spore in the wind across the ground, I knew,  I was once again in my decaying body that would one day fall apart like crumbling stones.


© 2012 Mike Mounts

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Added on July 15, 2012
Last Updated on July 15, 2012
Tags: Dark, Sadness, Anxious, Depressed, Flying, Escape


Mike Mounts
Mike Mounts

Greensburg, PA

Mike Mounts was born in the little town of Washington Pennsylvania, on June 30, 1973 where he lived on a farm for the first five years of his life. Then he was able to move to the city of Washington,.. more..