Just Another Institution

Just Another Institution

A Poem by cityhomeless

What is religion?
What is belief?
Is it following a strict set of rules?
Reading a certain book?
Possibly, it is closing your mind to all other possibilities.
Is religion based on loyalty to a certain church or label?
If this is religion-as it appears to be in our day in age- then, I do not want it.
I will keep my own faith and my own morals.
I will keep in mind and heart goodwill and generosity.
But I do not want your religion.
I will see the positive in life; striving optimistically.
I will seek only pleasure and virtuous things.
But I do not want your judgmental qualifications.
I will search for the cure to my imperfect soul and seek out my own Heaven, where we shall all live in the utopia we wished we had on this earth.
And I shall see you there happily...
But I do not want your conflict between churches.
Why argue? You're all just another institution; another brick in the wall.
For your religious categories do not concern me.
Nor do your rules.
Nor your dress code.
Nor your scare tactics.
I do not need your religion; your institution to go to heaven. 

© 2011 cityhomeless

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Added on December 15, 2011
Last Updated on December 15, 2011