Conducting a Fire Drill

Conducting a Fire Drill

A Story by Clarwin Schwinn

Fire drills are important to prepare ourselves during this situation.

 This will enable us to save ourselves and if possible, some of our things and stuffs that could still be carried away from the fire.There is nothing to lose when you are prepared, so make sure that you always know what to do in cases of fire.

               These are simple tips on how to conduct fire drills in schools or in offices or in any place where there is a big amount of people in a certain structure. Read them carefully and hope to remember them when you experience real fire.

1.       Be serious enough

When conducting a fire drill, the people will rely on your eagerness in completing the drill. Especially with children, show them that you are doing a very serious activity and it must be treated like a real fire situation. In this way, they will remember the things you do in at times of real fire.

2.       Familiarize Them to Useful Tools

Before the actual drill, have a lecture first on the useful tools that can be used in times of real fire. These are the fire extinguishers, axe, hard objects, wet cloth and others. On the other hand, familiarize them, especially the kids, to avoid flammable substances like Liquefied Petroleum Gas, alcohol, papers, flammable winterizing kit, light wood and other materials.

3.       Know Your Escape Route Before the Drill

When you let the people to get out, make sure that you know the right way. Lead them to the proper fire exit and secure them in a safe place. This will give you smooth conduction of the whole drill.

4.       Explain What is Expected

Tell the people beforehand what is the expected outcome of the drill. Explain what is your expected manner in the drill, how would they respond, the way they walk and the way they treat the fire drill.
5.       Be Calm

Do not exaggerate the manner on how you conduct the activity. Just act like it is just a simple escape activity but make sure that it is done seriously.

6.       Single File Rule

It is always advisable to keep them in a single file. It will give you a more manageable crowd towards the exit. When the fire alarm buzzes, have them lined up singly by the door and let them walk calmly.

7.       Secure Attendance Copy

This is a must especially in schools. When you are already in a secure area, you need to do a roll call to make sure that everybody had gone out of the burning structure.

8.       Check, Turn-off and Lock

As all the people leave the room, check it if everybody had already went out. After doing so, Turn the lights off and lock the door. This will ensure that nobody will enter the room during the drill. People will leave their valuables inside and it is not safe during the drill. This reminder is important in preventing missing things later on.

9.       Avoid Stagnant Water

Waters stagnant in drums or containers might boil in cases of fire. Familiarize them not to get into it because it’s more dangerous. At first, it is cooling comfortable but as time goes and fire strengthens it will boil little by little. At first it will just look like a pool with Pool Pumps, and later on it will reach boiling point.

10.   Proper Decorum During the Clearing Part

When you are already in the safe zone, make sure that you demand proper decorum. This is necessary during the clearing of fire in the burning structure.

Remember these tips when conducting fire drills. It is useful and important. If possible, conduct fire drill activities twice a year to familiarize each person in the proper evacuation procedure.

© 2010 Clarwin Schwinn

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I really enjoyed this informative piece. It came with a lot of good advice on what to do for a fire drill.
It is a good review for a new school year. Thank You for sharing.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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