10. skinned alive, peeled too far

10. skinned alive, peeled too far

A Chapter by Jordan Williams

so i gave one final try to be a drop in the pond
but i'm much too dry to be poured upon
no ripples of change, no washing baptism
never again will i cry, too weak or too strong
now it's a grey-shaded sigh that doesn't move me along
no measures of range, an existing organism

and i push my sense with the weight of a song
that never relents with the writing of wrongs
i'll break my back til i'm sweaty in shambles
with forceful stints, crutches i lean upon
in fatiguing vents that will soon be gone
kicking dust in their tracks, but i continue to ramble

and i laugh at the mirror, but i'm not tickled pink
just a red faced jeerer writing in fickle ink
resenting the finger, pointed back mockingly
to see i am the sound, the voice, the singer
but i keep listening not all too shockingly

one last attempt to be a sheep in the flock
mixing the seen and the dreamt to construct a road block
i don't and yet i do want to be like all of them
the cross-armed contempt keeps the stubborn locked
feeling forever exempt, not trying what i knock
to fit in with all of you, integrity be damned

and i pull with the power of a piss poor verse
each draft more sour, too careful and rehearsed
the repetitive movement numbing both of my hands
and chapter away hours with an inner research
hoping to pull up a flower as i dig in the dirt
but the mounds are proven without growth in the land

and i smirk at admirations, both given and gotten
what once had your praise is now shunned and rotten
the made-up, shaped up skin, now a useless hide
because you see now where it begins
and why it should have remained inside

© 2016 Jordan Williams

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Added on May 21, 2014
Last Updated on July 15, 2016
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Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams

Chattanooga, TN

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