Bring the edge around again

Bring the edge around again

A Poem by ClockWork GRIMM

Wearily walking is still my only option again... Again? I can't even remember the first time... The water is steaming and the haze burns my eyes, bringing about the first tear is the endless stream to come. As I lay bare I feel my dignity strip away for good... The room is fog and My body is lighter than I can last remember... Even though I can't remember..


Inject it in and maybe we can forget those drug-induced hazes that brought us this terrifying heartache. It seems like the world has suddenly forgotten how to break me down but I can't understand why. I slip from the bath of Crimson and I am reminded of the flood of emotions that brought me here in the first place...


As I write I want you to read me roar... My shadow reflects a two-way mirror into who I am that even I can't see through. My hands feel like they grip ice as I touch my chest over my heart.


She knows that if this fever doesn't subside she can chisel some ice for me off of her heart, If she can find it... I can't find my way to the mirror or was there one in the first place... Do I have to be reminded that it's just a matter of time and I'm going down... two hits.. the blade hits my heart and my bullets hit the floor.


My body hits the floor with an awesome pound and I immediately felt better... But as I slipped into an awesome darkness I think was a dream.... A voice... Voices of distant stars and Horrors... My Demon.. Saying,

Did you know the brain lives for well over seven minutes after the heart stops?...


That means we still have six minutes left to play... Hehehe...


I scream and the dream is forever real

© 2013 ClockWork GRIMM

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Added on September 11, 2013
Last Updated on September 11, 2013


ClockWork GRIMM
ClockWork GRIMM

alto pass, IL

I'm a writer by the name of GRIMM and have been a screenwriter, Author, as well as Painter and etc... I use a pseudonym because I have had troubles with people whom were offended by my stories and wor.. more..