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Let's not turn this sex into a murder scene

Let's not turn this sex into a murder scene

A Poem by ClockWork GRIMM

Those pure white flowers of bliss open up and reveal that lunacy that brings us closer. What can I say now that I've found you here? Shaking and all alone... That rain truly beats down my beating heart as it falls towards this beautiful Earth that pulls it down. Soaked and drenched maybe our tears can flood away... made invisible by those other sorrows we don't know exist. Why can't you tell me to my face? Breaking me like You always said you would... Can it fall apart anymore than it just has?


That snow falls gently and breaks upon my face... Where will the wind bring me to on these black filled seas now? Cry for me now as this moment is brought before the rain and the tears are lost in the emotion. The thunder cries and we can care less what our sins brought us..


Can you forgive this? Forgive eachother for this ignorance we share in vain. The world breaks down around us but what do we care? Can we escape or find a falling out somehow? Bridge this gap inbetween us and take the pill that will allow us to forget just for two more hours through the night..


The buildings crash around us and it doesn't matter because I have you folded in my arms tonight... Right now it's so bright but the night is always darkest right before the sunrise. Can we make our place? Held eachother in our arms in that special place that's darker than black...


Does it still hurt now? Even though all the blood has washed away in the whirlwind? This shell of forgiveness has to bring about the end we always talked about.. We found eachother, both hurt and alone, waiting for that darkness to get darker. Can we drown away, Drown away all the loneliness we still felt? I fell in you! I fell in you and never felt the need to look back... That hollow Spot we both need to fill isn't filled no thanks to you...


Can you tell me now? No thanks to you! Scars don't heal when you keep cutting...Always cutting.. Cutting Deeper..Always Deeper..






© 2013 ClockWork GRIMM

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Added on September 11, 2013
Last Updated on September 11, 2013


ClockWork GRIMM
ClockWork GRIMM

alto pass, IL

I'm a writer by the name of GRIMM and have been a screenwriter, Author, as well as Painter and etc... I use a pseudonym because I have had troubles with people whom were offended by my stories and wor.. more..