Three Little Workers by Levi Levin

Three Little Workers by Levi Levin

A Story by LL

A simple child's story book that shows how to keep trying and to continue learning be your best.


Apple Tree Success by Levi Levin

Three Little Workers 


Once upon a time lived three men named Lax, Diligent, and Ingenuity who each had farms and desired to grow and sell apples. So each man went to the local nursery to buy their trees.

Lax went to the nursery and asked for 10 trees. The nurseryman asked him what kind of apple trees he wanted and he said, “Awe it don’t matter, anything you got that’s a cheap price will be fine.” To which the nurseryman replied, “We do happen to have some on sale here sir.” So Lax bought his 10 trees.

Diligent went to the nursery to get his trees and began to walk around. He looked over different varieties and read the information labels thoroughly. After his search he finally selected 10 trees and then asked the nurseryman the best ways to care for them. The nurseryman explained it to him and he went on his way.

Ingenuity went to the nursery and brought with him a list of certain trees in which he had previously researched. So he selected his trees and along with his 10 trees he also purchased 2 books about growing fruit trees. The nurseryman smiled and said, “Sir you must be a smart man regarding growing trees?” Ingenuity stated, “No, I am not at the moment, but I intend to be before the week ends.” So he loaded his trees and left.

All three men planted their trees the same day. All three watered and cared for the trees the same during the first month after planting. But after the first month, Lax neglected the weekly care of his ten trees.

One by one his trees began to wither and die. By years end he only had two trees that lived. “Well I guess the apple tree business just isn’t for me,” remarked Lax and he gave up on his desire to grow apples.

Diligent continued the weekly care of his apple trees. He did everything the nurseryman told him to do and it worked for him. After 5 years, Diligent was getting many bushels of apples for years and years to come.

Ingenuity had also taken excellent care of his apples and he had dedicated extra time to reading about various methods of growing apple trees and the propagation thereof. However, after 5 years Ingenuity didn’t have 10 trees. He now had over 100 trees from learning how to take cuttings and propagate them with rootstock. He had people from all around coming to him for his apples. After 10 years of growing apple trees, Ingenuity possessed over 1000 trees and had to hire laborers to help care for all of his apple tree success.

The End







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nice little story with a great lesson to learn by the young uns.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like this :) Very cute!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

Thanks:) For some reason the writers cafe software didn't take my photos with it.

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