I Don't Want To Get Pregnant

I Don't Want To Get Pregnant

A Poem by cloudymemories

a poem about anxieties over the pain of pregnancy

I don't want to get pregnant, I heard it pains, 
looking at the pregnant women, with popped out veins, 
screaming, screeching, and yelping for the pain to stop, 
If I found out I was pregnant I think I would drop.

I love and adore children, but heaven forbid, 
If this body of mine, ever carried a kid!

Their smiles are cute and their nature is sweet, 
but my body can not take the defeat!

I don't want to get pregnant, you have my word, 
I wish we laid eggs like alligators and birds!

I know what I'll do, I'll just adopt, 
it's better than seeing my stomach pop!

I don't want to get pregnant, I swear I would die!
I love children to death and that is no lie.
I never knew the sweetest things could hurt so bad, 
until I saw a pregnant lady in pain, it was sad.

I don't want to get pregnant and I'll make sure I'll do, 
everything in my power to keep that from coming true.

I'll keep my innocence for all of my life, 
I will never get a boyfriend, I could never be a wife!

I don't want to get pregnant, because it hurts so bad, 
to see a child come into a world; into a world so sad.

© 2011 cloudymemories

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This is well written. They aren't for everyone! Some have them and then suck at parenting which only hurts the innocent.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Everything that I can say... is: I tried to get pregnant...and could not make it. And I adopted one, that really is my life and it is like she came from my inside. But... if I got pregnant I would not drop it.. I know that this is a very personal feeling...and this is so hard to talk about. Everybody has choices. But my choice would be for life.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I pretty much agree with this poem because I would definatly want to get pregnant at this age or have to go through all the pain it comes with. I absolutly adore kids and love being around them i just dont think that i could bring on intothe world i would rtather adopt but my fav part of the poem was

I don't want to get pregnant, because it hurts so bad,
to see a child come into a world; into a world so sad.

I agree with this because I couldnt imagine what the pain tht child will have to go througgh in thier liffe

Posted 8 Years Ago

I highly appreciate your frankness and courage that is strongly reflected in your work. But tell me one thing. Are you against the men? Men are not always meant for making women pregnant, but something much much more. Please mark my word. Kindly keep the asexual relationship between men and women in mind. I value your friendship and respect your feeling.

Posted 8 Years Ago

It's beautiful but sad.
The feeling is mutual :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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