The Nightmare Wonderland

The Nightmare Wonderland

A Poem by crow

Where is my dear Alice? Where trapped here but seperated so far apart. Tripped in a land of tanted nightmares. Shes so close but so far away, in the most trippy of hallusinations. Alice breaking my heart, breaking my soul, queen of hallusinations. Her voice to my ears I can hear the truth, beond blond hair and blue eyes, blond hair and blue eyes. The morphing of one touch. Her love a mascurade. I see her reflection throughthe fog and sea. the deeper I dwell the more she sees in me. Blond hair and blue eyes,blond hair and blue eyes, her reflection in the fog and sea. More than my soul can endure. Forever her loves apart of me from death to eturnity. I see you my dear, the nightmare of illusons. The unreal image of faulse reflection. In the sea of mirrors, in the sea of tears. The heard of neon stallions trauting across the land of shroom and grass. I taste the sight of the smell of loves flesh, under a neon moon engolfed by smoke and fog. My Alice in depth is she truth? The ghost of illsions, the faithfull lead of neon moon light. Screaming for my name as black tears drip down blue eyes, my love under the darkest spell. Tainted nightmares. She screams my name under years of pain, for sufferings got the best of her. Reflecting on a maze of bueaty and pain. The spell of tainted nightmares. In a land of non exsistance. A love that is not heart shaped knocking at my door waiting for approvel. She is searching for her love that is standing right beside her, blinded by the spell of neon black tears. The curse that shattered her glass heart. The spell of tainted nightmares. In a land of nonexsistance. Traped in this spell that draws me closer to my Alice. Loving an illusion. So clear and unfocus. Like the unborn I can't fall into my lover's arms, instead I stair into her pain and misery. Queen of Hearts speak the queen of this curse. Left into shadows to you who do not linger to my sin, pain to the two who do not worship me in neon sacrifice, for surley I will leave them here to soon take to soon take your life. We will die under a neon moon in the empire of nonexsistanc. Left with tainted love.

© 2009 crow

Author's Note

This poem explanes every aspect to love but I was comparing it to a tripp. yes i compared love to a tripp.

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Seriously only you would compare love to a tripp ^.^ but you should know I love your work this is one of my favorite poems ^.^

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 15, 2009
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boone, IA

Well for starters I write poetery. I didn't grow up really reading poetry so I was influenced by bands like slipknot,cradle of filth, cannible corpse, korn, icp, type o negitive, sublime, and ect. I a.. more..

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A Poem by crow