A Poem by CaSi

for me for I you were only my inspiration


Diamonds in the sky,
The sparkle in His eye,
Glitter on Her skin,
Seductive dialect, She knows He'll win.
Diamonds on her skin,
Her heart is made of gold,
She says She's evil She sold her soul.
Pain cleansed her mind.
Before He was out of time,
A kiss of passion a little too long the toxic sets in,
He falls into lust like a spell, like a poison, some calls toxic.
They move from the couch into the room.
Upon the bed the shared a stare some call love.
The devil has her soul she thinks she's just cursed.

She feels the love that's more than lust,
He does too but would never admit such things.
Her minds corrupt and full of suffering.
Non conforming, they all laugh,
She says she's the cursed one.

The magic world the techno sounds set Her soul free ........
Maybe even numbs the mind, but the body's moving on beat and they move just right.
As His hand slips to Her hips
They start to tripp, techno sounds look like little lights.
Mind is numb.
Black magic? Why must it be black?
Because that's the color of Her soul.
She feeds off his love for her,

That's the truth, I told you I'm evil.

He feeds off the lust the toxic in her lips

It's addictive.

The diamonds on her skin,

Mystic aura, seductive aroma.

She's standing on thin ice,

Some call her nice, she'd beg to differ ....

Self centered and selfish she made a wish.
He said I understand you make me your only one and I'll do the same.
The sounds stopped, and the room went dark,
Except for Him.
He was surrounded in Her diamonds.
Sincerity in His soul.
She's not surprised but intrigued by his mind.
She smiles.
He just stole back her soul,
It's no longer black but a deep purple of romance,
He sees this but suggests it's just the tripp.
Maybe youu just broke this curse she says
Cold as can be,
With a smile only He could see,
He speaks with a smirk
"This curse ,It's in your mind
I know with me you'll be just fine." :)

© 2012 CaSi

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Added on July 12, 2012
Last Updated on July 12, 2012
Tags: diamonds, dark, love, back magic, emo



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well, hmmm...... I am wild I am crazy I am me. I see what not many others see, I was the girl in the guy jeans, I was the girl with the black nail polish who hid her face, i was the girl with cuts, No.. more..

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