Cellar Door.

Cellar Door.

A Poem by CaSi

Bang! Bang! My baby shot me down.


Cellar Door

Dark as the night,

Black as the light.

No guide tonight,

The moon is gone,

I'll be dead before dawn.

Face is hidden,

This race is at a dead end.

No room. No light.

No groom. No fight.

Left with my enemy,

In a game I don't believe,

But here I stay, believe that's the way,

I don't believe in forever more.

Heard this calling from the cellar door.

I followed the path,

Down the stairs I run,

My feet stay silent,

These calls are violent.

I freeze as I see the gun and the screams seem quiet.

The bullets feel like they hit me,

One shot at a time,

As I watch them bleed out the barrel of the gun.

I hope,I pray, if only she'd run,

But I watched her fall,

On the ground. Shot her down.

Bang! Bang! She hit the ground,

That choice was final.

I wanted to run,

But my feet wouldn't move!

I was scared to breathe,

I was stuck and blind.

Blind sighted by this death.

I could still taste it in the air upon every breath.

A gorgeous angel,

A gorgeous nightmare,

Who's mind was corrupt.

His soul turned evil.

A demon walked in him.

They danced in the room,

Under a full moon,

Behind that cellar door.

He believe it was right.

Crazed and in raged, stuck in this fight.
His mind didn't stop ticking.

I was invisible.

Her eyes met mine.

She was dead, so I'd like to believe now,

At the time I felt life,

There was nothing I could do.

He laid next to her,

I'd like to believe,

I swore I saw him cry.

When her soul left her prison,

A body of a goddess, in his favorite night gown,

He pulled the trigger with the gun to his head,

I almost screamed then, but he deserved to be dead.

There they both laid dead,

In a bloody bed.

One day I knew this would come,

Unknown to my body this kind of numb.

Before I knew I had drank all the rum.

And I remember the fights before that last night.

She was hardly aware,

That he never cared.

Twisted in the game,

She only felt shame.

Insane in the mind,

He was in raged all the time.

She wished for love before her time.

Death and despair,

Unclean rigs laid everywhere.

So unaware of the devil with in him,

He's the one who sold his soul.

Crazed he made her believe,

It was her all along.

Trying to do better as a wife.

Stand on her feet but he knocked her down.

She reach out her hand,

and He pulled back his.

The drugs sank hella deep.

Inside every vein the venom seeps.

The memories of the past,

She would share with me.

She had married her father,

That's what I see.

She forgot thee,

She forgot me,

And who she was.

I try to deny,

The result was the cause.

Crazed and in raged!

I fell upon my knees,

Think suddenly I began to pray.

For the devil not to take my soul.

My mind has done its time!

In a cell where the sun will never shine.

I'm dead.

I'm gone!

I've lost and never won.

What kept me from doing the same in the cellar room?

Where they still lay.

It wasn't her choice, 'Cause she never had a voice.

Pressed on mute, with every dispute.

He was the devil's spawn.

The child she bared, that's why he was scared.

Behind a gun, he thought he had won.

But the bullet still bleeds in bedded in my mind.

I know now she never felt like she won.

Never cared if she lost.

Love was her demise,

Now I sit and act surprised.

But I know I see,

She only wanted the remedy, the tourniquet.

Six bullets. Six bullet. Six bullet.

The lovely sound.

Bang! Bang! Her baby shot her down.

Lost in the dark,

In the Cellar they lay,

Dead as the night.

I think I'd be alright if dawn never came,

And I never made it to see the next day.

© 2012 CaSi

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Added on July 24, 2012
Last Updated on July 24, 2012
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