A Poem by CaSi

Serenity now,serenity now.



I've been a lost traveler

Trying to please my soul

So unsound I feel it’s because its


Bound to this body,

This body is not mine.

It's nothing

Only a place to reside.

This mind is a plague.

I feel so incomplete,

With this heart that doesn't rest.

Neither does this mind.

My mind will keep ticking,

Even after this heart stops beating.

Here in these woods,

I can taste serenity,

I can feel her breath,

I feel her presence

It's in the air.

Here's where I'm supposed to be.

But this hike will end,

I'll return to society.

There we have variety,

Cars and thugs

Bars and nugs.

Over there I sat with him,

Upon the roof staring at the sky,

Those days have passed by

Powell beaut was a place,

I felt I could escape.

With a nicotine buzz,

And a few crazy minds.

But that has past let's not rewind.

So here I am!

How do I stay in this  peaceful state?

I don't believe that I'm here 'cause it's in my mind.

We never know what we will find.

I've lived this way and never made a dime,

But I did learn a little something about killing time.

I did make something,

Except most consider that nothing.

Her looks were a kind of evil,

But they always stole my soul,

My soul her eyes they had me hypnotized.

How I wish I could make her mine.

I'm the kind that would take you anywhere,

Seductive charm,

But I can see through it.

But that's what you don't see,

I call this lust.

I'm a lost traveler, no place to be free.

I wish for my love,

He was sent from above.

They say I must wait

But by then I fear it'll be too late.

I'll meet my fate,

Self-destruct in this self-hate.

I could lie awake,

Or suffocate?

Fast asleep I'll fall,

You'll never hear my last call.

I'll be sitting there where shadows dwell,

And never face the pain.

The pain of waking up to reality

Without you, without....


There now I've given you my biggest fear.

Now I can finally dry my tears.

Just for you, for you

I wrote to see how happy,

 I can seem to be.

But then I realized that every line,

Means only what you download from your mind,

Every line comes from my mind and is released with pleasure,

And as you read you process what you think you've seen.

Like a computer that what get truly gets what I mean.

My passion and desire,

You perceive based on how your brain is wired.

Memories is what you see,

And as I write I transform this negative energy.

I see the clouds part,

And the weight no longer rest upon my chest.

I enter a field, of trees so green and the weeds so tall,

The deer, I'm surprised they haven't ate them all.

They're down there drinking from silverton falls.

The birds fly above,

And the bees let you be,

They're busy as can be.

In this place a lost traveler meets serenity.

Her beauty is seductive but in a good way,

The kind that leaves you happy, for more than a day.

You talk to her 'cause she listens.

She talks to you 'cause you listen.

But if you don't listen she'll never talk.

I've found the beauty and what I need,

This beauty they call serenity,

She's in your mind.

So what do you perceive?

I feel at peace,

How do you feel?

I perceive serenity,

Serenity then, Serenity now.

© 2012 CaSi

Author's Note

I wrote this to see if I could write in a lighter subject matter and realize that's not me this is my message see what you see.

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love love love this! I can't name one thing I don't love about this poem. I agree with uwcoz, you have an old soul.
"Just for you, for you
I wrote to see how happy
I can seem to be"
absolutely love it. extraordinary piece

Posted 8 Years Ago

But then I realized that every line,
You have an old soul Casi, I enjoyed the fascinating journey through your mind.
"Every line comes from my mind and is released with pleasure,
And as you read you absorb my passion.
My passion and desire,
You perceive based on how your brain is wired.
Memories is what you see,"

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 31, 2012
Last Updated on July 31, 2012
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well, hmmm...... I am wild I am crazy I am me. I see what not many others see, I was the girl in the guy jeans, I was the girl with the black nail polish who hid her face, i was the girl with cuts, No.. more..

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