A Poem by CaSi

Always lonely without a home, with you I have a home , with you I'm never lonely, I think I've found my home.


Watching the town, they all look like squares.

Watching the rain, it all looks like tears.

Watching your actions, I know your in fear.

I only wish we could come out of our mind.

Fear doesn't exist oustside of here,

Neither does time.

I've been watching the clouds,

I think they wish to speak,

But don't know how,

I think the moons a little lonely,

Hiding in the sky.

I think it wants to cry.

When I look at these things ,

Thats what I see.

The truth is... that's really me.

ME that wishes to speak, and me that wishes to cry.

Sometimes we'd all rather die.

Me? I don't wish to fly.

I wish to soar, like an eagle to its nest,

I'll soar til my day of rest.

I Watch my fear, it follows my thoughts.

That's how you know,

It's in your mind.

It takes a lifetime to live and a second to die,

But here I am. I'm still alive!

On a plane abouve the land.

On a plane above the sea.

I'd still lend my hand,

It's all the same to me.

Flying back.

Flying forth.

Feel like I got no home.

Feel like I'm all alone.

But I got you in my mind, and sometimes it feels like you're here.

You're the world in my mind.

Ha! Maybe only this time ,

I'll listen.

Maybe this time will be the last time.

Won't be the last time we have to say goodbye.

This time I'm in the sky.

I won't asky why.

You say" You'll let it roll...,"

I laugh! You don't have a choice...

It's in your heart.

Take more then that to tear us apart.



© 2012 CaSi

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Added on June 26, 2012
Last Updated on June 26, 2012



whirl pool, taoism, United States Minor Outlying Islands

well, hmmm...... I am wild I am crazy I am me. I see what not many others see, I was the girl in the guy jeans, I was the girl with the black nail polish who hid her face, i was the girl with cuts, No.. more..

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