Proper way to break down a box.

Proper way to break down a box.

A Story by cognitivetatum

Micromanaging rage. Delirium. I gotta start a new job tomorrow.....AHHH! Today!




My boss of almost a year turns towards me-

I can tell he is far too excited and about to micro-manage the s**t out of me.

 “Do you know how to break down a box?”

My eyebrows show their expression , almost as windows of my internal conversation.

“Is this man serious? Ah….of course he is. Here he goes.”


He reaches out and grabs hold of a cardboard box that once held reams of 8.5 x 11 Standard paper.  Without so much as PRETENDING to wait for my reply he starts to show me - step by step.

I am almost certain that he even took a deep breath " to carefully center his chi and focus all the concentration in his gallon of ‘Minute Maid’ -  for this necessary practice to excel and succeed.


He begins -

“Find the separated ends held by glue or tape, and tear them apart.

Flatten the cardboard together so it is two dimensional.  A simple square.

Find the original folds of the box and use them to make the square smaller.

Insert into the proper bin " and if you really want to be an All-star  

(insert wink and glimpse of yellowed teeth)

Stand above it using all your weight to compress the pile down.

And remember " We Recycle.” 

(insert full view of yellowed teeth)


My mind humors itself in extreme delight as I am shockingly enlightened by this VALUBALE box breaking ritual.


I visually see before me a Simple Square. 

My ‘Superior’.

He is bound and confined by a box, held loosely by some glue and tape.

By my simple tearing -  of each fragile hold -

I could flatten this sexist, self-righteous, insulting b*****d of a man - till he is forced to see things in a rood light.

No more BOX to hide within in.

The folds so convenient and visibly  there- Just waiting for me bend at them.


I could have said, 

“You are the manager of an office supply store. You religiously talk down to your employees because it is the only sense of power you are privy to. You look at me like I am the Sabbath meal -  A kosher cut of meat - blessed by a Rabbi.

And most bothersome - you insult my intelligence at every cost."

I internally continue...

"I could bend your fragile square exterior smaller and smaller and smaller.

So why do I absolve myself from such a delectable opportunity?

Because - as you exist in my timeline of life - YOU are not MY pile to consolidate.

I could stand above you compressing all your structure, That which is already doomed in a pile with all the other squares....

But instead " I will in fact recycle …

I will take use of every negative insertion you spew at me.

I will also accept any unlikely positive gems you could provide in my time here.

Not only because being humble is a virtue of respectable character

But I hear a rhyme suddenly - echoing through my ears...."


“Recycled long ago

You were found by a Hobo 

He mistook you as the loo -

Now you are one with his poo."



My internal dialogue is over.  

Awesome Sir, I’ll remember the way you did that.” I say as I walk back to my post.


And as I walk away I retract back into my thought....

"Thank you Sir. Superior Square --
 I stood there so long with you by that trash can for your lecture -

That I noticed the trash compactor!!!"

Brought to you by Thinking OUTSIDE of the box.

© 2013 cognitivetatum

Author's Note

Yea. I know you should still break down a box before putting into compactor. What do you think?! I'm negligent?!?!! Maybe....

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Added on January 10, 2013
Last Updated on January 10, 2013
Tags: boss, work, self-righteous, patience, knowing better, being quiet, keeping to myself, bigger person.