Doubtless Faith

Doubtless Faith

A Story by Colin H.

the future


"Father," the boy whispered, "where do we go when we die?"  A question so commonly asked by the young that the father failed to take this pondering seriously.  "Well," the man sighed, "when you die you just go to sleep and wake up somewhere beautiful."


"No one knows."

The question itself had been answered; the conversation was over, and the man had sucessfully avoided any talk of which would have caused deep thought.  As the years flew by, however, and time's shifting game carried on, the question did not fade away.  It echoed throughout the centuries, stoping only to rest gently on the tongues of curious little children for the briefest of moments before age and logic extinguished it almost instantly.  The children, who seemed to be the only ones who enjoyed to think about what comes next, were not bothered by the mystery of death; that was a fear that seemed to come only with age and foolishness.  And just as age can alter a person all together, time also brings a change to the world and society... shown simply through the same question asked thousands of years later.

"Father, what happens when we die?"

"You'll go to the one you served in life.  It will be the final test to give yourself to him.  You will finally be his."  Thus began the unravelling of life.




Civilization had grown, and montheism had spread like cancer... only quicker and more deadly.  Humanity's need for eternal life and purpose had mixed dangerously with its self-justifying need to be right.  World-wide war had broken out, and those that did not agree with the one God of a majority were exterminated.  Through centuries of both war and unification, there was only one God, one rule, and one law.  You were either a follower, or silent.  As the world had become one nation of control with one belief, this new form of government had one thing to verify itself; one final proof of their rule that caused the world to flock like sheep.  As war and division had been eradicated, a strained "peace" had at last been acheived.  This peace came not from a finality in conflict and agreement, but from a forced control, and from an ability to silence those who produced their own opinions.  This was the world Adam Hart was raised into.


Adam was born to a virgin mother.  Like many women of the time, she feared sexual intercourse as a sin of temptation, sent by the devil to lure good people to hell.  Though sex was acceptable with true love, commited relationships and marriage had become much less common, as if those feelings were being directed elsewhere.  Adam was genetically implanted into his mother as many children were, and was born in an affordable delivery ward with all the latest technology.  He was baptized almost immediately.


"Mom," a five year old Adam asked in a groggy voice, "I'm tired. Why do we have to go to Sermon, we went yesterday."


More to come




© 2010 Colin H.

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Added on August 2, 2010
Last Updated on August 12, 2010
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Colin H.

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