Chapter 19

Chapter 19

A Chapter by Amy Baker

I needed to think of a plan and fast. If Jake was already feeding on Katie, then who knows what else he would be willing to do to get back at me for whatever he’s mad at me for. I was pacing back and forth in my room for an hour. I couldn’t think of anything. Finally, I thought of something. If someone were to expose Jake on the news. He would have to feel obligated to bring Katie and the others to safety or else there would be nothing else he could do to them without exposing vampirism.


We needed to show Jake that we could fight back without actually fighting back. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I told my family not to worry about the news reporters. They won’t go any farther than the living room. If they did, well let’s just say that I would have some serious explaining to do.


I brought the news reporters and police officers into the living room and offered for them to sit down. “So, Mr.”


“Just call me Zach.”


“So, Zach. Why did you call all of us here?”


I sighed. Here goes nothing. “I called you guys here to tell you that I know the guy who has been taking and killing all of the girls.”


They all leaned on their knees and had their note pads ready to write down my every word. “Who?”


“His name is Jake Lightman.”


“And how did you get this information?”


“Well, I tried to call Katie’s phone to find out where she was. When I called she didn’t answer but Jake did. I know Jake from where I used to live. I think he took the girls because he wants to prove that he’s better than me.”


“Do you have a picture of him?”


I sighed. I got rid of all my pictures when Jake decided that he didn’t want to be friends anymore. “No, I don’t have a picture. But I can provide you with an extremely accurate description.” They nodded. So far everything was going according to plan.


When I was done with the description, some police officers asked if I could try to call Katie’s phone so we could possibly get the phone call tracked. I needed to know where she was. I picked up my phone and dialed Katie’s number. Jake picked up again.


“Man, you just don’t give up do you?”


I sighed. “This is Katie we are dealing with here. I will never give up on her. Just like you never gave up on Matilta.”


“Shut up Zach, or I will kill your girlfriend.”


“And if you do I will come kill you.”


“That’s if you can find me, Zach.”


I sighed. “Oh Jake! I almost forgot. As a good friend that I am I should let you know that you should turn on the news. There is a lovely little feature on tonight that I think you will enjoy.” I could tell by the pause on the other line that he was getting mad.


“What do you think you’re doing, Zach?”


“Give me back Katie and release the other girls or everyone will know who you are.”


“You think I care? You could not be any more wrong my friend. Katie and the others are staying here with me. Who knows? Maybe Katie will be the next one found dead.” Then he hung up. I’m going to kill him.


I sighed. “Did I hold him on the line long enough?” I asked the officers who were trying to track the phone call down to the building that he was in.



He nodded. “Yea. It looks like they are in an old abandoned school right outside of town.”


I nodded. I couldn’t get this feeling that something was going to go wrong. But I had to get Katie out of there. I called Trent and told him where she was. “Great! Let’s go!” I said to the officers. 

© 2016 Amy Baker

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Added on September 8, 2016
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