a Fragment of Love

a Fragment of Love

A Poem by Ivan Mauricio Urrego


A Fragment of Love
I will express in brief verses,
a small but deep fragment of our love,
 and this fragment is like an alone grain of sand,
 in the wide golden meadows married to the oceans
and you will find that in the book of loves
 your name is written, only with the ink of my heart.
When I saw you, my love, a sparkle dazzled my senses,
 between precipitated time and hasty heart
 I recognized that autumns nights were lost in your hair,
 and that the dawn had been trapped in your skin,
and I discovered inside the dark vault of your eyes,
that the lukewarm moon resembled you.

Oh! My companion, the night we traveled
 with the stars and the sweet oceans,
up to being alone you and simply I together,
sealing the sigil of the night, breaking the faithfulness of the time,
 we exploded the clarity of our fire
and I felt the virtue of the gardens that bloomed in your body.
I know that you exist, not merely because of  your beauty
 but for your melancholy eyes that inside their shaded sky,
they reflect the pain of a downcast star
soothing the symphony of an angry night,
and of God you were harvest,
 but of mud not only you were made,
nor of a slid love, nor alone of any abundance
 that embraces nature, but with the most tender of waters,
 with the splendor of the most brilliant stars
 and the scent of the most fragrant of violets,
blossoming under the most endowed dawns
and the most eager nights,
 grain for grain of sand, tide for tide, star for star,
 I have counted your fullness
and more lack for counting and for praising.
My dear, and to think that it cost so much space,
 so many auras and nights, nations and boundaries,
so much distance and so much pain of my soul,
 but at the end, destiny did of our sweet pain
of two hearts an alone beat
being you, being I, an alone love.

© 2009 Ivan Mauricio Urrego

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You did a great job...it is really good
Good Work :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 19, 2009


Ivan Mauricio Urrego
Ivan Mauricio Urrego

Brampton, ON, Canada

I'm a 21 year old artist who likes to write and I see writing as another art form to express myself, for me both have a lot in common whether it is depicted drawn or written they are two compatible w.. more..