Dont trust anyone

Dont trust anyone

A Story by Bandgeek

Young Anna has been kidnapped and has been for several months. She finaly gets out and finds out that she has more family problems then other kids.


I wake up in a small room. Blood fill the eye of my beholder. He stared. He didnt blink or move. He was just staring. I knew i was next. I was the one who was goin to die. I look over at the bloodshot man. He just smiled. I tryed to scream, but my mouth was taped. That made him laugh.


"Whats the matter sweetie. Cat got your tongue," just the way he said that gave me the creeps. His voice is just like you would hear in a horror movie. I honestly think that i am in one. I look for the camera, but all i find is the two beeding eyes of the killer. "I think you are really  pretty. You know I'm going to love cutting you piece from piece on your body. Your head is going to be my price posseion,"I know he means it. I have to find a way out. I can't just sit here and let him kill me.


I am really loving my mother now for making take karate. Some how she must have known this was going to happen. The killer comes up to me and plants one on my cheek. He says something, but I didn't hear him. He takes a knife out of his back pocket. A tear runs down my cheek. He starts cutting the rope as soon as it hits the last one. I kick him in the balls and he falls to the ground. I kick him once more on the head to make sure he is out for a few minutes.


I'm running throw the blood drenched house. All the windows are covered up by wood. The doors are nailed shut. Its like he knew that I know karate and he made sure i couldn't excape. The one thing i remeber from that class i took is how to hide.


I heard him running around looking for me. I was able found a place to hide. I saw him run past me several times. He didnt even make an attempt to look. I knew something was up. So I judt sat there. I dont know for how long but i started to get light headed. I got up and started to find a door.


I found one and as i went to open it he was there.


"Going somewhere sweetie. I think i didnt say you could go anywhere," I didnt expect him to wait for me. I start crying. He comes over to grab my arm, but i punch him when he wasnt expecting it. Now I am running for my life. The run was trechurous untill I found the rode, but the killer is right behind. I Run into the rode and to my luck their was a car driving down it. It stopped and picked me up. I look at the killer and he was just waving at me.


"Excuse me miss. But may i ask you your name," she sounds so clean.


"Anna. Thank you for picking me up. Can you take me to 222 stoneridge Malibu, Californnia," I am just so scared and dizzy that the words come out in a rush.


"I'm sorry but i can't drive you. We are in Ohio," Oh my gosh.


"What day is it? Then can you take me to the nearest police station," I think he drugged me and brought me to this place.


"June 8,2010. And of course," my birthday. It is my sixteenth birthday. She pull into the police department. I get out and as i was walking t othe building i tripp. I had passed out on the pavement. But when i woke up the police where there. I must have look worse than i thought because as seen  as i woke up  the asked me what happen. I explained everything from the minute i was kidnapped till now. They don't understand how i was able to run. I am so dehydrated just another hour and i should be dead.


They gave me some fluids and called my  mother. They said they are flying her over. I asked the nurse if I could see the phone. I had called my dad. He lives in Johnstown, Ohio. He rushed up before my mother came. For some reason I was just wanting to see him. When my mother and father divorced my mother made me  move to California with her.


"You are never going back to your mothers again," that is everything my dad said. I am not aloud near that women again. My mom finaly made it and she was just screaming at my father to leave.


"Shut up. ok. I'm sick and tired of all the fighting. I just got back from almost being killed. This should be a happy moment," I was just so mad that they are fighting. When they finaly calmed down they sat down. That is when my mom tells me how long it has been. I didnt realize i have been missing for several months. They all thought i was dead. I thought i was dead. I was dosed up on drugs. That must have been how the transported me. The odd thing is. My mom looked mad that I am here. The looks my mom kept giving me where the dirtiest looks i have ever seen. It was like she was mad i was even here today. 


Tha was when i thought she could have been the one to set this up. I will figure it out. I somehow know that she did it. My mother wants me to be dead. I am going to have to think of a way to be two steps ahead of her. She left the room for a smoke. I told my dad what i think. he just looked at me like i was the craziest person on the world. But he believed me and said that he will get a place in California.


She came back and the look in her eye was just miraculus. The look was just like she had heard something that she loved. My mother was talking about a trip. We apperently are going to an amusment part. Now i no what she is planing. We are goin to probably get on a rolar coast or some ride and and A) she will push me in front of a moving ride or B) she will literaly push me off the ride.


The plane ride home was horrible. My mother kept giving me these death stares. I bet she didnt think i saw. Right when we got home she introduced me to her boyfriend. If i guess rght that looks like the guy that was at the house talking to my and going to kill me. I freaked as soon as i saw him. That puts the plan in line. I am going to get another cell phone ( dad provideing) so I will make sure that my mother leaved me alone with her boyfriend or i will put video  cameras everywhere and catch them talking about it.


God who knew that making a plan was such hard work. My mother decided to sign me up for a tutor. I guess i am a little behing on my studying. So the first time he showed up and the man looked like a physco killer. I swear he had the long dropy eyes and long fingernails and hands. he was dressed in black and he was very secretive.


The lesson was odd. everytime i messed up he would reach into his jacket and pull something out very slowly. I am a little afraid to see what will happen when he pulled it out. I wonder how much my mom is paying him to kill me.He finished and i said good bye. when he said good bbye he had his hand in the pocket and pulled out the object and it was a knife.


"Listen here sweetie. You are a bright girl and all, but your mom is paying me good money to kill you. So if i where you i would run away......"as he said that mom was walking right behind him. She saw that i was still alive and that he was telling her to run. She grabed the knife out of his hand and she just started to stab me.


It was just excrushiating pain. I started to puke up blood. That is when the stabbing stopped. She knows i am a goner. the pain starts to go away. I start to go black and everything i.........


And there goes young Anna. She was murdered by her own mother.

© 2011 Bandgeek

Author's Note

I hope you like it

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Interesting idea, but it felt very rushed and not as thought out as the beginning lead one to believe. I also got very confused on what made her assume her mother was the killer, maybe you could have given more detail into the background of her life around her parents... because I got really confused and distracted and then the end wasn't nearly as interesting as the start of the story. I think with a little work and fixing the grammar/typos that you could easily have a very smooth and spooky horror story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Not bad, I liked your overall first person style here. pretty well descripted and detailed. some small typos but nothing major. it does seem liked you rushed it allitle toward the end, but thats just me. Good work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The beginning was solid but it kind of unraveled after that. Interesting twist and really interesting killer. Different from all the other kidnapping killers out there.
Nice job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

i liked it but how she find out her mom was the killer

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Columbus, OH

I haven't been on here in so long. I read through my old stuff and remembered why I was writing. I hope I can get back into the habit. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. more..

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