The Past

The Past

A Poem by Con Campbell

A poem about past partners. But also a poem about the future. This might be the first poem I've ever written that isn't outright misery!


The Past

A small note about this poem: I’m not a bitter person. I move on from situations quickly and tend to forget things faster than I probably should. I truly love my life. My partner is my best friend in the world and she, and the home we’ve built mean everything to me.

Poetry is a language.



I once thought you were it,

But I’ve always known what you are.

You’re the one that crushed my spirit.

The one that tried to leave scars.


You, you had a good life, almost,

Most people wouldn't ask for more.

But then again, you're not most

are you? You, the vicious w***e.


I used to be clean,

I had dreams and goals.

Then I met you; too keen.

Now I'm full of holes.


How dare someone pretend

that the things they do are okay?

Can you even grasp how to mend

A broken model of clay?


But its fine, I'm good,

I'm not perfect, but who is?

I love someone who never would,

A good person who always admits.


I've got a new life now, I'm happy,

I spend my days doing what I love.

You're not. Your life is scrappy,

Full of voids; what do they say about gloves?


You sold me as the guilty one,

You spread your lies as fact.

Well, irony is you’re done,

By so few you are backed.


Don't get me wrong though,

I'm not bitter, in fact I don't care.

All that I want is for you all to know,

I'm not perfect, but I was always fair.


Things worked out for the best,

I'm where I want to be, funny that.

Some days I truly feel blessed,

Maybe even spoiled; a bit of a brat.


I'm a new me, a better me

than I was yesterday. I sleep

in warmth, I truly feel free.

Nothing about my life feels cheap.


I don't know where you are now,

I don't want to know what you're doing.

I like that fact, I'm free. Anyhow,

I didn't want to leave this stewing.


Some get what they deserve, some don't,

My future is bright. I'll reap what I've sown.

You'll fade like scars from distant memory,

Enjoy being the worn-out accessory.

© 2018 Con Campbell

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Pretty, pretty, what do you deserve?
Beautiful spirit, great outlook
Putting things on the shelf tends to make the shelf collapse...?
Poetry is your language, and you will inspire others with it

Posted 1 Year Ago

poetry is an outlet of whatever we are feeling inside. lessons from the past are just lessons to be learned but sometimes it is also best to just forget. What matters now is you are happy. i like the words used. it expresses a lot of emotions.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I do understand Your note, if You've talked about an older experience and pain it doesn't mean that You are still living inside of it, especially in Your poem, it's clear that You've moved on, in fact it's obvious that unlike most people You didn't fall into the tricks of pain, but You raised up, knowing everything happens to You, make You You, I saw in Your past relationship a kind of arrogant person, where she seemed to be a person full with ego, only showing off, even on You, made You feel unworthy, less than what You truly are, it's so wonderful to see that You managed to get outside of this cycle, it shows Your awareness and strength in Your mind and spirit, no more clear evidence but Your happy life now! all the best for You and Your love*

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on February 1, 2018
Last Updated on February 25, 2018
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Con Campbell
Con Campbell

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