Midnight Splendor

Midnight Splendor

A Poem by Constance-Outspoken

For the 500 words group... decided to make this one into an epic poem

This hallowed place I'd never feared to trod
for home was closer by a mile when I
cut my path through the old battleground,
just a fence around some un-worked sod
and a battered plaque that showed tourists
where arrowheads could (shouldn't) be found

Near midnight it was, one stark autumn night
when I was trudging home from my labor,
past the mill down by the old, trickling creek
guided onward by slivers of moonlight;
following the footsteps of nights before...
when from behind in sudden came a shriek

Turning though shuddering, I dared look;
realized it was a fearsome neigh I heard.
Sleek, muscular and black with mane of gray
stood a horse... one long pause my breathing took,
for his body was of unearthly size and strength
his hooves were quick, and I stood in his way

In moments the dark wonder ran right through
not disturbing, but chilling, my countenance:
Nothing but a living spirit was this beast
though I had never thought such stories true
I knew this was no figment of imagination.
Absconding appeared wise, to say the least

However, something stayed my pace and I
felt all fear absolved by the stallion's will;
now remembered a yarn I'd heard spun
around some campfire, once upon a July,
about a dark horse who roamed this land
since the days when our battle'd been won

A war horse, savage, raw, and untamed
commanded by whomsoever he chose,
Those this dark warrior deemed fit to abide
always returned, not one single hair maimed...
until one day, in the campaign's finale
the horse and his mount had fallen, died

Why at last had his selection failed him
this horse who knew whose mount to be?
He'd chosen a man who looked like another
twins, and one had, upon a whim
decided the other had more of a need,
and gave use of the horse to his brother

Standing now behind me, his fearsome glare
resting upon my back-turned face
must be none other than Midnight Splendor,
that equine god of war with silver hair.
Now that my legs had lost all gumption
I had no choice but sweet surrender

This hallowed place now feels like home
as each night I mount my glorious ride
holding fast to my murderer, my friend.
Contentedly matched, forever we'll roam
over the trails where so many once fell
warding you, all of you, against such end

© 2010 Constance-Outspoken

Author's Note

I'm not sure why the title Midnight Splendor caused me to write an epic poem about a legend I've never heard... yet I hope someone enjoys the read.

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Woah... I am speechless.. Your writing is just perfect, I could imagine everything as I read. I'm definitely checking out the rest of your work!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Truly epic and imaginative. You've woven words into intricate lines filled with suspense and fantasy. This piece took my mind into an alternate universe where legendary horses and powerful warriors exist.

Keep Writing. ^___^

Posted 9 Years Ago

You have constructed this piece very well planting ideas and images, that become graduallly more vivid, in the reader's mind as you intensify the tale. My murdere, my friend is a cracker of an end-piece.
Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This was deep and I could imagine everything you said great poem

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is an amazing write. the description is splendidly put and I can picture the events unfolding in my mind. You have a great imagination with the ability to paint the scenes in my minds. The horse seemed to jump off the page at me. Sorry this took so long for me to review.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was absolutely deep

Without question this has got to be
one of the best poems I have read
since I have been in the cafe

It was like a incredible story
written in beautiful poetry

Excellent work Constance

Really great write

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love the up take - my murderer, my friend - wonderful.
The feel is almost a wives tale, an old feeble story teller who suddenly stands, arms outstretched, a glorious warning. We all stand mute with surprise and wonder, then, suddenly alone with the echo of a fading gallop - do we decided to believe or decide we dream?
Excellent - thank you

Posted 10 Years Ago

Poem is amazing. I like these stories of myth and War. Description and your story made me want to read it again. I like the strong ending. You can write a story. A excellent poem.


Posted 10 Years Ago

i was gettin more and more engrossed with every line... you truly deserve an applause for writing such an intense and gripping write that too based on a epic you thought of...
Great job and even I felt that i was reading some great poet's write! :)))

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Who wants to know where I am, when who I am is all that matters?, KS

Meh. I write crap. I write crap because I've always been alone. more..


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