What Next?

What Next?

A Poem by Constance-Outspoken

Welcome to my workplace...

Spinning round, flailing about
much like a whirling dervish who
moments ago, smoked crack...
I serve, I fry, I slice, I shout
"Hey, you have nothing to do?!"
As I'm dancing, forth and back,
my whole deli crew has become
vivacious as pot-bellied pigs
after mid-day slop, sunbathing.
"Thank you, ma'am you're welcome",
to a reg'lar who must own ten wigs,
"I'm sorry they left you waiting".

What next?

Shimmitty shmimmityy ham on steel;
poppity sloppity our chicken's fried!
Dump it, weigh it, give it to 'em-
"Liver loaf half off, what a deal!"
Oh no, the rotisserie oven just died...
they want hens, what shall I tell them?
Running, groaning, aching, bitching
I slip on slabs of chicken fat,
bruising shins, twisting an elbow.
My hands gloved, my nose itching
as soon as I take care of that
some customer's ire will show

What next?

After they've been handed their meat
we've no time to sigh, chuckle, or sit,
for we've this mess to reckon with-
and if tomorrow this place isn't neat,
tis I who'll be chewed out about it.
Managers say "too busy's a myth".
Squeagady squadzedy, polish and shine
Hevity, hobity, help git 'er done
'cuz overtime's frowned upon, alas.
"Clean slicers,please, do you mind?
I've got a scrubbie if you need one.
I'll filter the fryer, you wipe glass ."

What next?

At the time-clock, trash taken out,
when suddenly I spy a trail...
dirty oil... crap! garbage leaked,
across the whole store, just about...
There I stood as my crew turned tail
so softly that not one shoe squeaked
I thought as I finally hit the clock:
tomorrow can't be worse than this
so I know I'll handle it... if I come back
until then I'll dream of the day I  shock
some arrogant manager by saying... "Kiss
my a*s", but who'll pick up the slack?

"Who's next?"

© 2010 Constance-Outspoken

Author's Note

I'm too tired to finish cleaning up the meter, this evening, but thought I'd go ahead and post it anyhow. I just got home from "that place" and my mind is beginning to fade.

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I really like the whimsy of this poem. It takes bitching to a whole new level. The made up words are clever and unique (at least to me) which adds nice flavor to the poetic stew. I love the image of a whirling dervish on crack. I've seen them live and can only imagine how un-circular their whirls would be. They would probably be like you behind the deli counter on a busy, bad day!

nice write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

lol i really like this

Posted 9 Years Ago

I sent you my "What's Next?" I wrote it pruposely disjointed and uneven. Same kinda theme. Sometimes we just have to write like this. You feel better after writing it too!

Posted 9 Years Ago

LOL great piece you have here love

It was brilliant and simply creative

just like your other masterpieces

Great Work lovely!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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