The Pack--from Loved by a Wolf

The Pack--from Loved by a Wolf

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

still needs more editing..but enjoy!

Chapter 9

After a long and interesting flight, Shane, Andrei, and I had finally reached our destination. Romania. I started to feel anger and fear run through my veins. Were my parents even alive? How will Shane's Pack react to a human in their territory? What was Shane's father like? Shane must have sensed my uneasiness because he took my hand in his and kissed it.

"You'll get them back safely. I promise."

          We got a taxi and headed to the middle of nowhere. We were driving through a huge forest.

"It called the Lapis Forest." Shane said proudly. "I lived here my entire life."

I looked out the window, but Andrei was blocking my view. He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Andrei move your fat head, so I can see." I said as I punched his shoulder.

"Jeez. That really hurt." He said sarcastically. I turned to Shane, but he was focused on the forest. I sighed and elbowed Andrei.

"Stop the car!" Shane said quickly. The taxi driver slammed on the brakes making us all have a minor whiplash and he probably cursed in Romanian. We grabbed our stuff and exited the cab which after Shane paid him the cab quickly sped off.

Andrei and Shane started to head into the woods.

"Where are you going?"

"To the Pack." Shane said.

"In the middle of the woods?"

"Well, yes. We can't live near humans especially when we transform into the wolf at night." I reluctantly gave Andrei my luggage who was not very happy. I ignored him and continued to walk into the woods.

"So, can you transform only on a full moon?"

"No and yes. It very confusing. I can transform half-way in the day but at night I can fully transform. The special thing about the full moon is that the moon forces me to change and it is extremely painful. Only adults can transform at free will."

"So, what's your dad like?"

"Mean, serious, and doesn't like humans."


"They wouldn't harm you Sophie. They'll have to go through me, and Andrei."

I hear a howl not far off. I have my bow and arrow ready. Shane moved me in between him and Andrei. A man comes out of the bush. He was about in his late 20's. He had violet eyes and black curly hair. He looked at Shane in respect and a look of disgust when he saw Andrei. What made it worst was when he smelt me. He growled and started to run towards me. I loaded my arrow in ready to fire, but Shane tackled the man to the ground.

"How dare you welcome your Prince in this manner!"

"Sorry, your Highness. But you have a human and a Loner."

"The Loner is my friend and the human is mine." Shane made a great emphasize on mine. This confused me and made me frustrated.

"No. That's impossible."

"Where is my father?" Shane growled again gripping the man's arm harder.

"In a council meeting, talking about you."

"Take me to him." He said as he released his arm. The man shook his clothes of dirt and gave me a curious look. He licked his lips, but stopped when Andrei and Shane both growled. I looked at them both shocked and a bit scared. What was going on?

The man directed us to a village where Shane's packed lived. The people began to rush toward Shane and bowed at him as he passed. I could see that they smelt me and Andrei. They started to growl and someone start to yell.

"He brought a human and a Loner."

"He's a traitor."

"Let's kill the human."

"We could eat her."

The people ran for me. I tried to shoot them with my bow but Shane growled, "Don't Sophie. Andrei protect her."

Shane growled and snapped at the crowd. I can see fangs and eyes start to glow. Then a very husky howl when through the village making the people lower their eyes and stepping back. The people stepped back to reveal a man in his early 50's. He was taller than Shane and he was very built like a wrestler. He had Shane's black hair but his eyes were brown. He was very happy when he saw Andrei and even more angry when he saw me.

"Hi, dad."

"Son, what is the meaning of this?"

"Don't play stupid. Give the girl her parents back." Shane growled.

"How dare you talk to your father and Alpha like that?"

"Hey, Damien I think it would be great if we discuss this in the palace."

Damien turned to look at Andrei, "Why are you here? I thought I banished you."

"He is Sophie's guardian against all of you monsters." The people roared and howled. It was the scariest moment of my life. But I keep a confident look on my face. I stepped toward Adrian.

"Mr. Damien, sir. I just want my parents back. We'll leave peacefully and wouldn't tell a soul about you and your Pack. Please I do whatever it cost to have them back."

"Sophie, no," Shane exclaimed.

"Anything?" Shane's father thought for a moment and said, "Come with me."

I followed him with Shane and Andrei behind me.

Shane's father brought us to a huge old styled mansion. It was black as night and it resembled a haunted mansion in Dracula. Once we got inside it was the exact opposite. The walls were a cream colored and there were glass chandlers everywhere. There wasn't any weapon on the wall as I was imagining. I soon felt like someone was staring at me. I looked around to see a guy staring at me. He had to be about Andrei's age. He had green eyes. Wait a minute. I knew those green eyes. It was that wolf the night that almost killed me. I looked at him and cracked my knuckles which made him run off. I smirked and looked at Shane who was shaking his head trying hard not to laugh.

"Where is he taking us?" I whispered to Shane.

"The Council."

"What is the council for?"

"It a group of old people who decided if you are guilt of your crimes." Andrei said bluntly.

"I figured that out smart one."

"Then why you ask?" Andrei crossed his arms and smirked at me.

"Shut up." I laughed and elbowed him in the stomach.

Shane's father lead us down the hallway to room that was as big as a ballroom. The room was set up with a raised judge desk with men staring at me in disbelief and disgust.

In the middle of the room were my parents who were blind folded and tied up to a chair.

"Mom! Dad!." I yelled in relief and ran toward them.

"Sophie is that you? Why are you here they will kill you."

"Don't worry Shane is here. Everything will be okay. Trust me." I hugged her.

"Take her weapon." said a man behind me.

I turned around as quick as I could and pulled my bow and arrow behind my back and aimed it a huge guy who was headed toward me.

"You make one step toward me and this arrow will go through your heart before you say Mommy" I threaten him.

"Sophie, put your bow down." Shane tried to coax me.

"Hell, no! They threaten to kill me parents!" I yelled at him.

"Sophie, honey listens to him," my dad said. I felt tears in my eyes, and slowly put my bow and arrows down on the ground where the huge guy kicked them away.

"Grab her." Shane's father commanded. The huge guy grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. Which hurt like heck.

"No. Don't touch her!" Shane growled and tackled the huge man to the ground. Which made me fall on my face. Andrei ran toward me and helped me up. We watched as Shane half-wolf form attacked the huge man who was already turned into a wolf. Suddenly the whole room was all of growls and howls as the men began to transform into their wolf forms. Only Shane's father sat and watched in his human form. Shane bit the huge man in the ear making him bleed. Soon, the man submitted to him with his fur matted with blood. Shane only had the man's blood. Shane looked at his father and he was pissed. Shane licked his lips and grabbed me. He wrapped his arms protectively around my waist which made the wolves go crazy. I was shaking of fear because Shane still had blood on him and he had long canines. He looked at me and sighed in pain knowing that he was scaring me.

I'm sorry you had to see that. I heard a voice in my head. I looked at Shane shocked.

Shane? I said in my mind.

I'll explain in one minute my love. Shane's voice said my mind.

          "How dare you. Touch a human." One man said.

          "He needs to be banished." Another said.

          "Let's just kill the girl and her family." I looked at the wolf who suggested that and it was Devon of course. Shane growled in response.

Shane's father looked so upset and disappointed at Shane.

"Shane, you know the Law." Damien said sadly. He jumped down the desk with Devon who had a sick smile on his face.

"You don't understand." Shane paused. He gripped me tighter and looked down at me. He moved a strand of hair away from my face. "Dad, she is my mate."

A huge gasp echoed in the room then a huge uproar of wolves attempted to jump out of their seats. I looked up at Shane who was looking at my eyes and he was so happy to be here holding me tight. I on the other hand was confused and uncomfortable since I didn't have my bow. In my mind, a chuckle went through my head and Shane voice said You'll get your bow soon. I shivered.

                   "He is lying. We can't have humans as our mates," a wolf yelled.

"Son, we can't have a human as a mate. It must be a misunderstanding."

"No!" Shane growled. "I know she's mine. She can hear thoughts."

Devon laughed evilly, "Have fun trying to prove that. You know she's a human. Her parents are human. She is not your mate."

I looked at my mom who was whispering something to my dad. She was shaking nervously, but she soon said, "Excuse me. I have something to say."

Shane's father looked at my mom in shocked and said, "You may."

"First, you must untie me and my husband so I can see my Sophie," said my mom.

"Untie them," he ordered the huge wolf. The huge wolf huffed and with his claw cut the rope. My mom took her blind fold off and gasped as she saw the wolves. She quickly untied Dad and rushed toward me. Shane let go of me, so I can hug her and Dad. Mom was crying so hard which was starting to make me cry. Soon the huge wolf grabbed my mom and dad and pulled them away from me.

"Mom! Dad!" I cried.

"What do you want to tell me," he softly said to my mom.

She looked at me with tears falling down her face like a waterfall and the turned back to Shane's father and said," She not our true daughter."

© 2013 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
Didn't expect that did you! O.o lol Hope you are enjoying my book.

1. Hows the plot going?
2. Characters?
3. What do you think will happen next??
4. Grammar or spelling mistakes??

I had so much fun writing this, so I hope you love it too!

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Featured Review

Wow a lot going on! I think when you go through this again you could take more time to allow each piece to progress and unfold more fully... Especially the emotional aspects.. Shane and his dad, Sophie and her parentshe'd ear or what she feels suddenly surrounded by threatening wolves, the mate revelation ... These and other aspects could be given more emotional responses in the characters building to a bigger climax with the revelation that she is adopted. But very exciting!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Plot twist!! Nice :)
Not many grammar errors here :) Some of the interactions with the characters could have more description, thoughts, actions, etc.
Sophie is a werewolf, right? ;) Maybe? haha I'm very excited to figure it out.

Posted 6 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

6 Years Ago

Maybe? Lol haha glad you are enjoying my book!! :D yeah, one day im going to go through all the chap.. read more
♥ Kinnixk

6 Years Ago

You're welcome ^_^
AWESOMENESS!!!!! I can't wait to see what else happens. lolzies buh-bye

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

LOL! :) glad you are enjoying this book! :)
1. Great!
2. Love them. XD
3. I think Sophie will find out she is a werewolf.
4. A few, but it would take too long to write on my Kindle. XD

I'm really getting into this book a lo more than I thought I would. :) Nice job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks for reading!! :)
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

You're welcome.
Ahhh!!! I did not see that coming!!! So good!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks! I'm reading the newest chapter of your book! :)
Wow a lot going on! I think when you go through this again you could take more time to allow each piece to progress and unfold more fully... Especially the emotional aspects.. Shane and his dad, Sophie and her parentshe'd ear or what she feels suddenly surrounded by threatening wolves, the mate revelation ... These and other aspects could be given more emotional responses in the characters building to a bigger climax with the revelation that she is adopted. But very exciting!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I love it! Alot of well needed drama. I love Shane what a sweet heart!this.
The characters are amazing! Hopefully they'll live to see what happens next. I hope u had fun writing this because I have fun reading this!
Andrei is cool and funny and seems like an over all fun guy! he reminds me of Wally from Young Justice( like I said in about me I'm a dork ! I LOVE Superheroes exspecially about teenage superheroes. If you want to find it, it comes back in January or Febuary, the New Season comes back then and I can't wait! It's Cartoon Network! *blush*

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

lol! Thanks for reading!! ^-^
Art Lover/Love Writing

7 Years Ago

u are so welcome I always love to read my freinds stuff especially yours you have a wild imagination.. read more
Andrei is awesome, He is funny and idk he just seems cool. AWESOME CHARACTER
The plot is awesome :)
I love each of the characters, they have all developed from ther beginning and the new characters are amazing :D
I LOVED IT MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! >.< don't keep me waiting

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Fallen

7 Years Ago

Awwww :o As long as you get the chapters out I don't mind but dont take to long
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

I'll try! :) Once Christmas break starts I'll be writing like there is no tomorrow! lol :P
Art Lover/Love Writing

7 Years Ago

Me too I'll be so bored until christmas but until then I'll be written till my fingers fall off
Arh!!! Not true daughter??? OMG!!!!!
I want to know what happens next!!! TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!
Loved it!! ^^

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

hehe! ^-^ I'll try to post the next chapter soon...but I'm kind of banned from the computer on the w.. read more
Anonymous Girl

7 Years Ago

Oh man... Okay :)
Wow. O.O

The plot is coming along great! There is so much suspense and action! :D
I really like all of your characters and how they are so unique. ^^
It's hard to say what will happen next because I am so overwhelmed by that last line! >.<
Umm... there were a few but I think if you look over this real quick, they'll be easy fixes. ^^

I can hardly wait for the next chapter!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Felicity's Eve

7 Years Ago

*pretends to smack forehead* XD
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

lol :)
Felicity's Eve

7 Years Ago


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