Unexpected guest ---from Loved by a Wolf

Unexpected guest ---from Loved by a Wolf

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

Today we meet a new character! :)


Chapter 10

"She's not our true daughter."

My mom's words repeated in my head over and over like a gong. Who were my real parents? What happen to them? I stood there and watched as my mother shook in sadness. I didn't know if I should run to her and hug her and tell her it was going to be all right. Anger and fear made me stand there and watch her. As I was about to the choose to run to my mom, the wolves all chuckled.

" That doesn't mean a thing. You're still human," said Devon.

" And how did this come to be," interrupted Shane's father calmly.

" Who cares," growled Devon.

              "Sophie needs to know," my mom exclaimed," It all started the night of my miscarriage. My husband and I were in the hospital waiting for my pregnancy test to come back. I sat there in the hospital on the bed wondering if my baby would be boy or girl. I had this strange feeling that something was wrong. I called the nurse and the nurse then call the doctor who did more tests on me. That's when I found out I lost her. I cried so loud that probably all the patients can hear me. My husband came running in wondering what was wrong. I told him the news and he fell the floor devastated. Soon my husband wheeled me out of the hospital but before we left I convinced my husband to stop at the delivery room. I looked in the window to see all beautiful babies which one of them could have been mine. I tried not to cry but it is too late. 

            A few hours after we got home from the hospital a strange man came to our door. He was holding something. I couldn't tell what it was until he moved the cloth to reveal a beautiful baby girl. He seemed hurried and scared but we invited him in even though he was a stranger. He told us that she could be ours. We thought he might be crazy but he insisted on giving us the child. Who can say no to that especially when I lost my child. We asked him who he was but he insisted that it will keep the child safe if we didn't know his name. Soon the mysterious man left without a name, or a number."

" Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

" You are still our child," cried my mom.

" Was the man my father?"

" I'm not sure, honey. I haven't seen him in sixteen years."

" Now that was an emotional story. My King do you still want me to get rid of these filthy humans?" sneered Devon.

" Over my dead body," growled Shane.

" With pleasure," growled Devon who rushed over to Shane ready to fight.

" Stop it. Sophie will stay with us. I will personally bring her parents back to America safety. Sophie, you will stay as a somewhat prisoner here. You will bow down to any werewolf that meets you as a way of submission for you are only a puny human. You may never look into the eyes of the werewolf and you will do exactly as they tell you to do. Now even though you are human you're still going to act like you're one of us. You are to go with us in our nightly runs and go on our daily hunts. You are part of the Pack. Now leave my sight."

           The wolves all looked at me in disgust but knew that they couldn't fight it. I was now part of the Pack. 

            As I was about to run to my mom and my dad, a big Wolf grabbed them and pulled away from me. I screamed and ran to them but Shane pulled me back to his arms. Shane held me there waiting for all the wolves to leave, so only me, Shane, and Andrei were the only ones left in the room.

"What do we do now?" I asked

"We have to get some rest. I'll get you a room. Andrei, walk her around the mansion while I find Sophie a safe room." 

"Sure. Come 'on Sophie. I may been banished from here but I still remember my way around." he winked at me trying to get me to smile. It worked. I kissed Shane and whispered in his ear and said," Be quick."

Shane nodded and rushed out of the room. Andrei walked with me out of the room. 

"Do you think I ever see them again?" I asked Andrei.

"I'm not sure, sugar."

I grimaced, "Don't call me that."

He chuckled and said, "Sorry, just wanted to see your reaction. It was priceless." I smiled and punched him playfully on the arm.

"Since you know your way around, could you please tell me where the little ladies room is?" I smiled.

"Around the corner to the right. Would the little new pack member like me to show her?"

"No. I can do it myself. Remember I can beat your butt." Andrei laughed.

I went to the direction that Andrei pointed to but of course I got lost. I wandered around the mansion looking for the stupid bathroom when suddenly I bumped into a girl.

" What the heck… Oh, I thought I smelled a human. What are you doing here?" She was about foot taller than me mostly because of her hot pink heels. She had platinum blonde hair that was braided, so her hair only went passed her waist. She had violet eyes with huge eyelashes. She looked like a Barbie doll. She looked like she wasn't going to be interested at my answer, but I still said,

" I came here was Shane to rescue my parents, but Shane's father made me part of the Pack and taking my parents away in the process. My name is Sophie." Some where in my answer her interest in me sparked. 

"My name is Roxana. Did you say you came here with Shane?"

"Yeah. Do you know him? Was he one of your friends."

She scoffed" Friend. More like my boyfriend."

"Excuse me?" Shane had a girlfriend. Why did he never tell me? 

Shane you are dead meat. I said in my mind for Shane to hear. 

"Well, ex-boyfriend now. You wouldn't happen to know where he is?" 

"No. I don't."


"So, what are you to him?" Should I say it? Or should I say girlfriend.

"I'm Shane's mate." I said it proudly. 

"Mate!" Roxana's voice rose an octave. Her violet eyes started to glow in anger. "No, not with a filthy, ugly human like you! He's mine" 

"Ugly!" I screamed. We rushed at each other. She threw a punch at me but I blocked it. I knew I would forget my bow one day. I blocked most of her punches, but she would too fast for me so I could never swing one of my powerful punches at her. She was a werewolf of course. A very angry one. I grabbed a vase nearby and threw it at her. 

"You b***h! You broke my nail!" 

"Good. Once less nail you can cut me with." Again she roared and rushed at me with her now werewolf claws. I screamed. Hopefully Andrei heard my scream. Soon another roar came into the hallway. It was Shane. He tackled Roxana to the ground. Roxana growled and spit at him, while he pinned her down to the ground. When Roxana finally came to her human senses, she smiled at Shane and purred. "Hey Shaney-baby. Miss me?" 

© 2014 The Invisible Girl

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Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
Who you think was the Mysterious man 16 years ago is?
What do you think of Roxana?
How do you think Sophie is going to react?
Where was Andrei?? O.o So many questions! lol >:)

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Lol. I like the you broke my nail bit. I am curious about the man from 16 yrs ago. Nice chapter :P

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks! :)
One: I bet the mystery man was her father. And I don't like Roxana at all! Sophie has the right to beat her up. XD

I love this!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks for reading! :)
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

You are welcome.
That was rather unexpected... Lol
It was funny...
"Shane you are a dead meat" LOOOOL!!
Likeeeeeeed it and wanna find out what happens next!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Don't worry you will find out soon enough!! Thanks for reading! :)
Anonymous Girl

7 Years Ago

No problem :)
Haha very fun!! I love the girl fight:). No idea who the guy was, her protector or her real parents died and she was aemberbof some other werewolf family somehow (maybe half werewolf?). Yeah lotsa questions:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

haha! Glad you like it! By the way I posted some drawings of Shane and Sophie if you wanted to check.. read more
Horizon K.

7 Years Ago

Hehe... Cute pics! Yeah next chapters are written but need some editing first...
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Well....hurry up and edit them!! please! :D lol
Roxanna needs to find a better way to realive her anger! *whistle*

Posted 7 Years Ago

Mysterious guy is her father or her father's messenger and was told to get rid of the child for it was to dangerous for her where ever they happen to live.

Roxana is a rude girl. She is so totally jealous of Sophie. And lemme say Jealousy is such a bad trait to have. She shall die tragically.

Sophie is gunna be like sooooo Jealous. and Shane's gunna have lots of explainin to do!!!!

Andrei was probably talking to someone or something happened.


Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

I'll try! :) Glad you enjoy my book! :D
The Fallen

7 Years Ago

I dont enjoy it....
I can;t live without it! It is my life source!!!! xD
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Haha! XD
I bet that the mysterious guy is her real father.

Roxana needs to die. Seriously. Can I kill her?! Please~? >:)

Lol yeah. So many questions. And only you can help us answer them :)

So get to it! ^.^

Amazing chapter! :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Haha! Don't worry I have a special plan for Roxana! >:) But you are welcome to give me ideas on how .. read more
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Felicity's Eve

7 Years Ago


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