Chapter 1 (Destiny)

Chapter 1 (Destiny)

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

~ Destiny ~


I groaned. My father has been extra careful precautions to make sure my safety was secured. Ash sat on the floor of my room and fiddled with a pack of pencils. I fell back onto my bed and sighed. Staying in my room all the time wasn't going to be fun. Inferno stared down at me from the rail above my bed. His orange eyes glimmered.

"Hey there Inferno." I acknowledged him. He flew down and sat on my belly. I stroked his wings. Boredom still played around in my mind.

"Ash sitting here all day is bothering me." I stated. I could hear his chuckle. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"Nothing. Well actually it's the fact that you can stick up for other people but not yourself." Ash said with another chuckle. I moved Inferno to my lap and got up off my bed to look down at Ash, who looked like a kid sitting on the floor.

"Well my dad happens to scare me." I said. "When I try to stick up for myself that is." I sighed and placed my head in my hands. Inferno pecked at my fingers.

"If you don't like staying in here don't let him stop you." Ash said as he got up and threw the pencil box in the trash. I peeked at him through my fingers. He was right.

"When did you actually have the guts to say something to me that isn't about love and stuff it's actually pretty decent advice." I said. He shrugged lazily and whistled for Inferno to come over to him. Inferno obeyed and flew over to Ash and perched on his head, his talons digging into his hair.

"Ow!' Ash exclaimed. I tried to stifled my laughter. Ash's mouth twitched with pain. He was trying to stay strong for me, but this was the most entertaining thing I had seen all day. I could see Inferno dig his talons deeper, hitting his scalp. "Geez Inferno knock it off!" Ash yelled. I bursted out laughing as Ash ran around the room failing his arms around like a fool. Inferno stayed locked on his head, he didn't budge at all. "Destiny get your bird off me!!!!" Ash said as he came to a halt in front of me. I raised a brow.

"But this is the most exciting thing I've seen all day." I pouted.

"Now Destiny." He ordered. I sighed and patted my lap. Inferno flew down and snuggled into my stomach like a cat.

"Happy now?" I asked. He nodded. I took Inferno off my lap and set him on the bed. "Let's go talk to my father." I said and got up off the bed and marched out of the room. Ash followed like a little puppy. I walked down the stairs and flung myself around the railing, so I was now facing the hallway to my dad's study.

"Go on." Ash urged.

"Shush." I hissed. Ash backed off. I crept up the hall and stopped at the black door way. I could hear muffled voices in the room. "Someone's in there with him." I stated.

"Just knock." Ash said. I knocked once. The voices became quiet and someone said something. I had a feeling it was 'come in' but it was hard to tell through these doors. I opened the door slowly and peered in. Silas and my dad were standing beside each other. I looked at the two of them and sighed. What could they possible be talking about now. They both glanced at each other and then my dad cleared his throat.


"Destiny, honey we need to talk." He said as he motioned for Ash and Silas to leave the room. They both nodded and quickly scurried out of the room.


"Yeah we do! I need to talk to you about making me stay in my room! I'm not five dad." I snapped.


"You won't have to stay there any longer." He said softly. I could see tears form in his eyes.


"What do you mean?" I asked. What was going on?


"You know about the angel war." He said. I nodded. That was the reason I was in my room with Ash. I had to be with someone at all times." Well there's a war that has been brewing for quite some time now, and now it's starting." He said as he looked out into the dark abyss we call the Underworld. Who has my dad angered now! He can't handle two wars at once.


"Who are you going to war with!" I asked.


"Nothing you should be concerned about." He replied.


"Who are you fighting?" I pressed.


"Werewolves." He said and looked down at his desk. Werewolves? What did he do to anger them! This defiantly wasn't going to be good. We were all going to be destroyed.


"You can't stay here Destiny. Silas vowed to protect you and Ash will be there as well. Pack your thing and leave as soon as you can." He said as he got up from his chair. I looked up at him, stunned. He was sending me away...again.


"You can't keep sending me away in times of trouble!" I exclaimed.


"I can and I will. Go." He ordered. I stood still and looked at my father." GO!" He demanded. I shivered and ran out of the room. I dashed towards the stairs and ran to my room. I shut the door behind me and sighed. Not again. I can't leave him. I shook my head in dis-belief. I gathered my self together. If my dad wanted me gone I was glad to oblige. I grabbed a black and red bag from the closet and put two pairs of clothes in it. Then grabbed a hair brush and other necessities a girl must have. Inferno chirped.

"Sorry Inferno." I said softly. "You got to stay here. I will be back as soon as I can." I stroked his breast feathers and sighed. I zippered the bag shut and raced out of my room, shutting the door behind me. I was going to say goodbye to Nyx and Nox but if my dad was sending me away he may have sent them away as well. I walked passed their room and stood at the top of the stairs. Standing in the foyer were Ash and Silas, waiting for me.


"I see your ready." Silas said. I nodded.

"What did my dad even do to upset werewolves?" I asked, as I walked down the stairs.


"What your dad does best. By killing one." Silas replied with a simple shrug of the shoulders. I looked at him.


"Are you serious?' I asked. He nodded. What is up with my dad and killing supernaturals! He brought this war on himself. "Let's go." I said as I walked out of the gates. Then I stopped in my tracks. "Where are we going?" I asked.


"Wherever the wind leads us." Ash said with a smile.

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The Invisible Girl
How is it?

By the way: This is The Fallen's chapter. :) So give her all the credit! XD

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Who is ash like who's son

Posted 10 Years Ago

It's good. :) Nice suspense at the ending. ;)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ah! Thats really good! I wanna read more!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love this. The details and the flow of the words. It's very good, and I must see the next chapter!

Posted 10 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

10 Years Ago

I'm working on it! :) lol
Dark Rider

10 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

10 Years Ago


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