Shane--from Loved by a Wolf

Shane--from Loved by a Wolf

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

Shane's P.O.V


Chapter 14 (Shane's point of View)



"I'm going to get you!" I yelled as I ran after Sophie.

"No you're not" She yelled back playfully. I chuckled and started running faster catching up to Sophie. She looked back cautiously and squealed when she saw how close I was. Sophie tried to run faster, but she was no matched of my four legs and supernatural speed. I gently bit her jacket and threw her playfully to the ground.

"Got you!"

She laughed, "That's not fair! You are in your wolf form."

I laughed and sat down beside her. Sophie laid down on her back and looked up at the afternoon sky. Everything was quiet except for occasional whistle of birds.

Still looking at this sky Sophie quietly said, "Romania is beautiful.

"It sure is. I lived here my whole life." I smiled contently.

"So why did you leave? You never got to tell me about that." Sophie looked at curiously and moved closer to me. 

"Well, I was going through training, because my father grew very ill. He kept telling me I would become Alpha and control the Pack. I was still a young teenager. I didn't want responsibly. So, out of fear I would let my father down and scared of competitors for Alpha, I left Romania and went to America. Hoping I might one day become a regular teenager."

Her eyes fell to the ground, "Oh, I'm sorry."

I lifted her face up with my paw," What for? If I didn't come to America I would have never saved you or meet you. I never regretted my decision."

Sophie smiled and sighed," I want to kiss you, but you are in your wolf form." 

I laughed. "Later."

"Later." Sophie smiled. We soon laid down and watched the clouds go by. I looked over at Sophie who was smiling so big. She seemed happier like she was enjoying herself. Her soft brown eyes soon gazed across at me.

"Sophie, are you okay with living here?" 

"I don't know." Her smiled faded away and her gaze went back up to the sky, " I mean my family is safe. I feel like I sort a belong here."

"Are you happy to be with me?"

"Of course I'm. Why are you asking me these questions?" Sophie sat up alarmed.

"Well, I did successful ran away from here once I think I could do it again, for you." 

"No," Sophie put her small, delicate hand on my shoulder. "I actually like it here. I have nothing to fear since I have you, Andrei, and my bow to protect me."

I smiled at her beauty as each sunlight's ray was soaked up by her black hair. 

"What?" She giggled nervously.

"I love you so much."

Sophie cheeks turned a cute pink and she turned away knowing I saw her blush. "I lo..." Sophie was about to say, but was interrupted by a crack of a sticks. I jumped up and crouched down ready to attack a enemy. Nothing, but something caught my nose. I raised my nose in the air and smelt a moose. 

"Hey, Sophie. Do you really want to beat Andrei?"

"Hell, yeah," I laughed as I stood up and got my bow ready. 

"Well, I smell a moose about 100 yards from here. I'm going to see if I can herd it over to you, so you can shoot it. How does sound?" I started to walk toward the smell. 

"Okay. But what should happen if something bad happens when your gone." I stopped and walked back to look in Sophie's eyes. 

"You're going to be okay. You have your bow and I will be back in a less than a few minutes. But if you get hurt or something tries to attack you, you just howl okay. Andrei should be close by, too. Don't worry you'll be fine."

"Well, go." Sophie pushed me playfully, "You don't want that moose to wander to far off." I laughed.  I chuckled to myself and ran off into the direction of the scent. 

About a minute I was already fifty yards closer to the scent, but something didn't seem right. I didn't smell just a moose but I also started to smell the scent of death. I ran closer to the stench and found a dead moose on the ground. I had to be dead for about a week, because the only recognizable thing was the antlers and feet. Oh, well. Sophie already bagged a lot of game. I ran back to where I left Sophie, but she was nowhere in sight. I smelled the ground. There was the sweet scent of Sophie, a pine scent of Andrei, but there was also another scent. I smelled again. I jerked up. Roxana. I growled and followed their scent trail.  I ran like a bat out of hell. Where the heck were they going. I noticed that Sophie scent stopped at some places then again followed Andrei's and Roxana's scent. I ran another forty yards and again noticed that Sophie sat down, but this time she went in a different direction. Why didn't they slow down for Sophie? But again where were they going? 

            I continued to follow Sophie scent when I heard a howl. Sophie! I ran toward the howl with all the strength I had in my four legs. While I was running I heard Sophie distressful voice in my head. Shane, please find me! 

            I'm coming Sophie! I ran faster than I ever had before. I didn't care if I got pricked by thorns or got hit by low branches. I had to get to Sophie. 

                        Soon, Sophie scent went cold. It just stopped. I smelled around, but there was no other scent. Sophie, where are you! There was no reply from Sophie. I collapsed on the ground when something pointy hit my skin. I got up and gently brush the ground with my paw to reveal one is Sophie's arrows. Sophie would never leave her arrows lying around. I walked around and brush the leaves around until finally I found Sophie's bow. Someone must have took her. But who?

Why can't I protect you?   I cried in Sophie's mind hoping that she would reply back. Nothing. I felt tears build up in my fur. I threw my muzzle in the air and howled a cry. Immediately parts of the Pack came to my howl. First who appeared was my father. He seem utterly worried for me and did not show any remorse of anger from me yelling at him in the morning.

"What's wrong son?" my father asked worriedly.

"Someone or something took Sophie!" I paced back and forth.

"You lost her?" Devon laughed.

"No, someone took her!" I growled.

"Well, lets get back to the village and transform back. Everyone is getting tired and hungry. It soon to be Night. We will search for your mate on the Nightly run." Father let out a howl and ran back to the village with the Pack following behind. I stood there and yelled in Sophie's mind. Sophie, where are you?

No response. With a quick howl and I followed the Pack back home.


                           ~                               ~                      ~

            When everyone got back transformed and changed into human clothes,  I looked and called out for Andrei. I asked my Pack if they saw him. But everyone was either like who's Andrei, or spitted at the ground in disgust, or just calmly said they had no idea. Andrei couldn't have taken Sophie. In defeat, I wondered to the mansion. Andrei didn't have feelings for Sophie. Or did he?  As I was inside the mansion these question that were floating around in my head were giving me a headache. I stumbled a bit and tried to catch my balance on the wall. But my grip slip and I began to fall when someone helped me up.

"Whoa, Shaney what's up with you?" I turned around to see Roxana in a black cocktail dress. I soon remembered that Andrei and Sophie were with Roxana. I quickly brushed her hand off of me and grabbed her neck as I pinned her against the wall.

"Where is Sophie or Andrei," I yelled.

She choked out," Who?"

My gripped her neck more harder which made Roxana start to gag

"You know who I'm talking about."

"I don't know about Sophie. She was behind us and then she liked disappeared. Then Andrei went to go look for her. And that was the last time I saw of them both." I let go of Roxana's neck and she went sliding down in a coughing fit trying to catch her breath. I can't imagine what might be happening to her. Is who ever took her attempting to starve her or torture her. And what about Andrei or was he the one the captured Sophie? I wish I could clear my head so I could think positive.  

Then I remember something from this morning. Devon said that he wouldn't be surprised if Sophie lasted a week here. I started running toward my father's office. I burst through the double doors to a shocked father, but he wasn't alone. In one of the couches was Devon smiling evilly at me. I growled and ran toward him yelling," Where is Sophie you son of..." 

Before I could get my hands on him, my father grabbed me and pulled me back.  Devon still sat there staring at me with that stupid grin on his face.

"What are you doing ,son?"

"I know he took Sophie! Where is she? Or I will tear you limb from limb!" I growled. I felt my teeth grow sharper. 

"Surprisingly I don't have her." Devon's smile faded away. 

"What?" I brushed my father off of me. 

"I don't have her. What about that Lone Wolf that you brought here. Maybe he took her." 

"Andrei would never do that."

"I'm not sure, son. You never trust a Loner."

"But he's my friend. Father, you have to help me find her."  My father looked away and thought for a moment. He looked at a picture of my mother. I never met her since she died giving birth to me, but I knew she would have been the greatest mom ever. My father sighed and turned around, "Of course I will help. She is your mate."

"Thank you father." Out of nowhere, I felt hot like pins were going through my body. I screamed. 

"Son! What's wrong?" I felt Sophie scream in agony. My love. I shook and screamed in pain, "He's torturing her.  I screamed in agony. "Oh my gosh. Sophie!" 

I gripped my head harder trying to make it go away, but part of me wanted to endure it for Sophie. Soon out of nowhere the pain stopped suddenly. I sat on the ground sweating and soon I felt Sophie in my mind. It's Vlad....he hurt me...Come. Her voice was only a whisper. Tears started to build up, 

I'm coming, my love. I will find you. I'm so sorry. I love you, Sophie. I sent this to her in her mind. Soon I felt her starting to drift off and then the connection was silent. 

"Vlad took her." I silently growled out. My father and Devon were both equally shocked.

"Vlad. That shrimp. What does he want for Sophie," Devon sneered.

"I'm not sure but whatever it is I'm still going to kill him," I growled. 

"Devon, do you know where he lives?" My father asked.

"I'm not sure. He is always following me like a puppy. I'm not sure where he goes when he's not following me."

"I don't believe that." I scoffed. 

"Shane, calm down. We don't have much time. We don't know if he is going to kill her or not."

"Well,  I can't wait to find out. Now, Devon you better tell me something. Anything about where he might go or hang out at." Devon thought for awhile and then something seemed to spark in his eyes.

"There is an abandon cabin about five hundred yards or more out in the woods. Vlad said whenever he found his mate he would leave the Pack and start a new Pack in the woods. I thought it was bogus, but i don't know now." 

"I'm can't believe I'm saying this but thank you Devon," I was about to run out, but my father stopped me.

"Son. It getting late. Let us to find the cabin tomorrow night. Its a full moon. You and all the Pack will be even stronger against Vlad."

"But father, he might kill her anytime now."

"I don't think so, son. I have a bad feeling that he took Sophie for a reason. Has he ever acted strange around Sophie? I didn't even have to blink I immediately remembered a time Vlad was acting strange around Sophie.

"At breakfast, Sophie was getting uncomfortable, because Vlad was staring at her." 

My father shock is head and sighed " From what I get from this, I think I know what he is planning to do with Sophie." my father paused and wouldn't look me in the eye. 

"What father? Tell me!" I begged.

"He might be using Sophie for the Full Moon Bonding Ritual."

Lots of emotion began to fill up in my head especially anger, and fear for Sophie, 

Sophie, we are coming for you. I sent to her mind hoping that she would hear.

© 2013 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
O.o! Oh, no! What is going to happen next!
1)How was it?
2) Errors?
3) Will Shane make it in time before Vlad complete the ritual?

Thanks for reading! Next chapter will be out as soon I can. Plus it'll be back in Sophie's P.O.V :)

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! Poor sophie/shane.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I feel so sorry for Shane. An poor Sophie. I hope they reach her in time. And Shane needs to kill Vlad, that creep!

I loved it! I NEED more!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

Well I knew that much. XD
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Oh, yeah...I did tell you didn't I. lol Well, I guess there are no sneak peaks. I better start writi.. read more
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

Yes! Hurry up and write it!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

XD I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can! ;)
Anonymous Girl

7 Years Ago

Thank you thank you!
Awesome chapter! Can't wait to see the Shane vs Vlad showdown... But get there in time Shane!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks for reading!!! :D
Hehe that shrimp!!!!!!!!
And I know he will get her in time
Shock instead of shook his head
Sophie looked at curiously
There are some others but there tiny mistakes
I loved but personally I live Sophie's point of view!!!!!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

I will defiantly fix those stupid mistakes!!! >:) And thanks for reading!! :D
Art Lover/Love Writing

7 Years Ago

Ur welcome its my pleasure
Omg I must know what the ful moon ritual is!!!! Dumb roxanna she knows where sophie is but she's being a dumb :/ Shane better find her edited things happen and u hope andrei is okay cause I he's not I will be super sad. I can't wait for the next chapter!!! I loved readin from Shane pov !!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

D: aww...hope you get better soon!!! :)
The Fallen

7 Years Ago

Thanks :)
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

:D you're welcome!
I love seeing Shane's P.O.V!!! This chapter was amazing!!!! Poor Shane when he sensed Sophie being hurt :( They need to get her now before Vlad does something creepy!!!! And I hope someone punches Roxana in the face asap. She is just awful! I need to see what happens! Next chapter please :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Okie dokie! I'm still trying to think of Roxana's fate/punishment. I already have Vlad's fate sealed.. read more
Bella Luna

7 Years Ago

Ahh I can't wait! I love this story!!!! I'm so excited to see what happens why Shane comes to the re.. read more
Bella Luna

7 Years Ago

I feel honored to be the first to review this amazing-ful chapter! :)

It was really great to see Shane's P.O.V. Will you be doing another one like that?

I did see some grammatical and spelling errors, but nothing a quick once-over can't fix. :)

And he'd better! >:O
Or he shall feel my wrath.... >:) *evil laughter*

Sophie smiled and sighed," I want to kiss you, but you are in your human form."
I believe it should be: Sophie smiled and sighed," I want to kiss you, but you are in your wolf form."

Just a heads-up ;)

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

I'm not sure if I will....maybe :) Yeah, I was going to read through it a couple more times to catch.. read more
Felicity's Eve

7 Years Ago


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