The Mission

The Mission

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

Chapter 2

He kissed me!
" Shut up you fool get your head in the game. "My inner voice sneered.
He must like me.
No, it was all a misunderstanding! It was your mind! You don't know what kind of power it has. Again my inner voice argued.
But what if it wasn't?
It was! Now act like an warrior! Get that shocked look off your face you are meeting the Elites!

I straighten myself and walked with my head up as Elitian Claudius lead me into a dark hallway which was lit by lights that shined on different portraits of the Elitian Council. Each one had a serious look on their face whiling wearing the same outfit. A few were still alive and well. The oldest living Elitian is 120 years old and he still runs in marathons all over the planet.

Here in my planet we have developed a cell that in injected into our blood system which makes us immune to any of the ancient diseases like colds, flus, and cancer. Somehow a disease was discovered. We called it Moikan but further studies show it was a bacteria that was engineer by our ancestors to make Javak fatter (Javak are black mammals that we use for meats and milk) . But what they didn't know is that the bacteria was produced in the milk and when people drank the milk they became terrible ill. People were dying left and right. A man named Herbert found the cure and got rid of the disease once and for all, or so he thought. Now the disease is back and our race and our world has been terrible hit. The prophets say that there is another planet. Blah, blah, blah! The prophets think they know everything because they say they can communicate with God!

Here I am walking to the council room to hear what my important mission is. Woohoo, so excited...not! The Elitians think they can take whatever they want for their own use. Not to brag but I was an expert at sneaking around and stealing stuff. I was blessed as my mother called it to be able to convince people to give me food or money. Until the Elites found me and took me from my family and placed me in this idiotic training camp. They believe I have ancient powers that could be useful! If anything I should be in the Acropolis prison.

I still don't know what kind of powers I have. I know that I can read people minds sometimes, I can hypnotize people, and I have amazing speed and agility.

Soon Claudius opened the door to the meeting room and in a big half circle there was about a dozen of elderly and young men watching in awe as I entered the room.
I respectful bowed. The high leader Elitian stood up and gesture to the chair neatly place in the middle of the room. The high leader was really tall. He had to be in his late 20's though he looked only 19. He had blonde hair, and blue eyes. His garments were more decorative than the other Elitians. His purple cloak had more golden designs, and his sun-like medallion had a ruby in the middle.
" Welcome Kimora." Leader Kyle bowed.
" What assignment does my leader have for me?"
"First off you remember mission I.D.E."
I.A.E stands for Identifying, and adapt on Earth.
" Yeah, yeah. It was a failure because the ship blew up or what not." I rolled my eyes. I hope I wasn't coming in here for a pop quiz on all the missions.
Elite Kyle nodded his head, " Correct, but it was a lie. The mission was a success. Earth is real, but there is another race on the planet. They call themselves humans. More like dumb apes. They have minor technology advancements and the planet is corrupted of uncured dieases."

I looked confusedly at him," So what do you want me to do about it?"

Elite Kyle leaned forward and whispered," Kill them."

I gasped, "What?" They must be as crazy as the Prophets.
" How am I suppose to do that? They must be over millions or billions of people on that planet!"

" With your unique powers, of course."

" I have never executed that much power to kill a thousands of people at once."

Ignoring my excuse, Kyle threw me a file. It had a transcripts, multiple licenses, a phone, and multiple school I.D cards.
You will go to Earth and go to a human school. There you will be able to practice. Once you finish that town you can go to next town and so on until you can take down a how city, then state, and then country. Once you complete your mission you will push this red button on your phone that will contact us. No human being shall be left to live unless they want to become a slave."

Kill children, moms, and dads. Were we really that desperate to find a new planet. Well I can't ignore orders. I just hope that God will forgive me.

I bowed, and asked, " When will I be leaving?"

"Two days time. Before you leave you must complete the Assassin's Creed." Elite Kyle replied. He nodded at Claudius who came with a big fat book. This big fat book was our Constitution.

I sighed there was no turning back now. I took a deep breath and placed a hand on my heart and the other on the book.

"I, Kimora Jacobson, swear to take on the Assassin's Creed to complete my mission. If I do not complete or go rogue I will accept my punish of being cut off from the planet or death as a traitor according to the Book of Acropolis." I quickly removed my hand from the book and quickly ran out of the room. I ran down the hallway angry. A red haze filled my sight. Oh how will I ever look at a child in the eye and kill them just because my people were dying.

Shut up. You swore. You are the only one who can complete the mission. My inner voice chuckled.

All of a suddenly I ran into something hard and then arms were wrapped around me. I knew it was Dmitri, and I grabbed his shirt and pushed him away.

" Why did you do that?" I asked not looking up at him.

"Do what?" He replied.

"Don't play stupid. Why did you kiss me? Did I hypnotized you?"

"No. Why are you so angry?" Dmitri lifted my chin up, but I turned away from him.

"My mission. Its impossible."

Dmitri gasped, "Nothing is impossible to the amazing Kimora."

I felt my lips go up into smile. I tried to hide it, but Dmitri laughed saying, " Look their is your amazing smile I love to see."

I turned away from him but Dmitri twirled me around to face him. Dmitri lifted my face up to him and smiled, " Now that's better."

I smiled back and replied softly, " Really why did you kiss me?"

Dmitri sighed and stared into my eyes. I looked away, but he caught my chin and made me look at him. Dmitri smiled and leaned down. "Because I wanted too," he paused and continued, "You didn't want me to kiss you?"

"No," I started to mumble nervously as his lip started to get closer to mine. "I...I just." Before I could say anything Dmitri's lips came crashing on mine. This kiss was passionate. He put his hands at my waist and pulled me closer. I kissed him back and put my hands around his neck. He smiled and pushed me up against the wall. Breathless, I blushed and whispered," I need to go. what if an Elite found us." It was forbidden that trainers and their trainees never get into romantic relationships.

"I don't care. " he said in between kisses, " I'll take you my room. No one is allowed there."

I blushed," Woohoo, tiger." I pushed away from him, "I'm leaving. My mind is really screwing you up."

Dmitri rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Which was showcasing his beautiful biceps. "You really still think you are making me kiss you."

I turned to walk to my room, "Yep."

Dmitri sighed, "I love you!"

I stopped dead in my tracks. "What did you say?"

Dmitri smirked, but smiled, " I love you! From the very first day you were assigned to me. You are beautiful and amazing to me. I don't care if you have special powers that could make me kill myself. I love you with all my heart."

No he can't love me! I'm a monster! I hate these stupid powers. I actually thought that he truly loved me and foolishly thought I was falling in love with him.

I laughed and on my tip-toes I rustled his hair," You're funny."
Dmitri grabbed my hands and brought me close.
"I'm not fooling around, Kim."

I put my hands on my hips and gave him my signature "seriously?" face.
Dmitri frowned and growled, "Fine! You want to know if my love for you is real, I promise you that once you come back from your mission, I will still have feelings for you. "
He huffed and stormed down the hallway.
I smiled and scoffed. He'll forget about me and find a tall blonde supermodel to marry. I started walking away but looked back at Dmitri. What if he did love me? Did I love him? God, I need to clear my head.

© 2013 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
Eh, sorry its not really the best...

So...what do you think??? :)

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Lol! Your seemed a "Romantic" one at the heart. At the one hand, am learning much from you but at the other hand, am portrayed "Dimitri"'s character myself ... lol How funny is that!
It's now a very tough mission to "Kimora" but it's much toughest to "Dimitri" too for living without "Kimora" for few days until she completes her mission.

Theme's good, am learning from you much how to make characters and put their dialogues at all. This chapter's very important to me because from this chapter I learnt how to paste dialogues.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I think it was amazing!:) KIlling thousands of people at one seems like a pretty tough mission. I hope he really does love her!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

:) thanksssss! :) so happy you are enjoying my book! :)
I love this. And Dmirtri is my. XD I can't wait to read what happens next!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

Lol! Okay! I'll post the next chapter as soon as I post the next chapter for Loved by a Wolf! :)
Dark Rider

9 Years Ago

Yay!!!!!! :D
oooohhhh awesome!!!!!!
I wonder what is going to happen on her mission!!
And does he really love her? I wonder....
I canot wait till the next chapter!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Omg wow!!! Eliminating the entire human race?! Her mission is freaking intense! Like she said, how can you look a child in the eye and kill them?! And going to a human school?! Man, she'll have to be careful to not make friends... >.< Poor Kimori... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that name by the way ;)

And forbidden relationships are my absolute favorite... Really sexy and romantic to be honest XD Just like Dmitri... *-*

I want the next one ASAP!!! >.<


Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

Haha! I got the name from a real girl. Cuz I work in my church's nursery, and on her name tag it sai.. read more
Felicity's Eve

9 Years Ago

Yay! :D And sometimes I work in my church nursery as well ^^

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The Invisible Girl
The Invisible Girl

Gumdrop Forest, Candy Land :P

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