Wishful Thinking---from Loved by a Wolf

Wishful Thinking---from Loved by a Wolf

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

Chapter 20

I stood there stunned. What? She. No! There has to be a mistake. She is lying!
As I was about to say something a loud roar came down the hallway,
"NO! It can't be true!" There was a loud crash and shouts. Bounding down the hallway was Shane and he was pissed. His eyes were glowing bright blue. I didn't know why he was angry, but I knew if I told him this news he might turn.
"Shane, calm down." I wrapped my arms around his neck to hug him. He was tense for a second then wrapped his arms around my waist.
I got bad news. Shane's voice whispered in my mind.
Same here. I whispered back.
"Dad!" I heard Maria yell. I released Shane to see the man I thought was my father, King Michael. He looked like everything I imagined him to be, but now he wasn't my own to call dad.
" Shane, I want you to meet my daughter, Maria."
Shane growled, "No. She is an imposter! Sophie is your daughter! I know it." Shane moved me into Michael's gaze. He squinted his eyes to look at me. He looked scared for a moment and brushed away the feeling.
"Shane! You do not speak to the Alpha King like that!" Damien exclaimed.
Damien turned to King Michael, "Let's go back to the office and figure this out calmly."
Shane sighed, "Okay, just give Sophie and I a moment."
Shane grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway.
"Sophie, I will figure this all out. You are the lost daughter. I know it."
I smiled and put my hand on his cheek, "I know."
Shane grabbed my hand and kissed it, "I love you so much. We will be together."
"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me," I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. Shane kissed me back and pulled me closer.
Shane smiled and pulled away, "My father is calling me."
"Go. I'll find Andrei or Catherine."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes," I smiled sheepishly.
"I'll be right back."
Shane slowly smiled and ran off toward the office. I took a sharp deep of breath as I felt the tears built up in my eyes. I have no one. Everything has been taken away from me. My adoptive parents, my freedom, Shane, and now the person to take me in with open arms is not even my father. I let the tears fall as I ran to my room. I grabbed a feather filled pillow and screamed into it as loud as I could. My life was on a route to destruction. I hated my life. Why does everything turn out horrible? When will Shane give up? How long will he realized that I can never be saved? Would the ritual ever get rid of Vlad or will I live the rest of my life with the hauntings of Vlad?
Suddenly I heard footsteps. I jumped up hoping for Shane to come back, go on his knees, ask me to marry him, and for us to run away together; instead my hopes were killed, when Andrei came in with a honey bun in his mouth and carrying other snacks.
"Oh, its you," I sighed and fell back on the bed.
"You say that like it's a bad thing," Andrei's voice buzzed from the honey bun wrapper in his mouth.
I smiled a little, "No, just was expecting someone else."
I crawled under my covers and hid my face, as I began to cry again. Across the room I heard the bangs of boxes, as Andrei came to my side. He sat beside me and stroked my hair as he softly asked, "What's wrong sweetie?"
"Everything! I might not be the real lost princess, and I can tell that Shane is ready to give up on me. Everyone in my life has giving up on me. I wish I had listen to my adoptive parents and never go in the woods, so I would not be in this hell of a mess."
"Sophie, I know everything many seem to be against, but I promise you. You are the lost princess there is no doubt about it. I know Shane. Shane is a fighter. He will do everything and anything to be with you. "
"Then why can't he just marry me?"
Andrei sighed, " I don't know. It is custom. Plus you are the princess of all werewolves. But..."
I turned over to Andrei, "But what?"
Andrei blushed, "If I were him, I would have proposed you right when I knew you were my mate."
I slowly sat up and hugged Andrei, "Thank you."
Andrei laughed, "Thank you for what?"
I looked up at him and smiled, "For listening to me vent."

Shane POV

God, I hate when I leave Sophie like that. Maybe I should go back, spend time listening to her, and love her like I should instead of running off without her. No, I have to make things right! She is the lost princess I will prove it to the King. I felt my wolf growling at me. You idiot. I ignored the knot in my stomach telling me to go back Sophie. I took a deep breath before I opened the doors to my father's office. A stunned king sat on the couch and my Dad was leaning against his desk. I immediately bowed under submission to the king, "My Alpha, I'm sorry for my rude behavior. I just was hoping you would remember your own daughter."
"My son, there must be a mistake. I only have one daughter, Maria!"
I groaned and looked at my father for help. Damien cleared his throat and ask,"How did you find the lost princess."
"Well one of my daughter's nurses stole her and raised her in California for seventeen years. The nurse turned her in and repented for her evil deed. Out of mercy, I kicked her out of the pack. That's when I found my lost princess."
I held back a scoff when father gave me the death glare.
"Son, I'm truly sorry about err.. Sophie. But why did you think she was my daughter."
I knelt down before him, "Because your grace, she turned into an original wolf."
Michael seemed to flinch and looked panic for a second, but he scoffed, " No, that's impossible."
" Sir, I promise you. She turn into a silver wolf and was bigger than me"
Michael stood up and walked up to the bookshelf with his back away from me. "There must be a mistake. My younger brothers don't have daughters."
"Please sir, maybe if we did blood test we can see..."
Suddenly with a roar, King Michael spun around, "Be quiet!! There will be no blood test. I know my own daughter. Maria is my daughter. Period. Now if you may excuse me, I must make sure my daughter has settled down comfortably." With a slam, he opened and closed my father's office doors.
I sighed, "What are we going to do? How can I prove that Sophie is his true daughter?"
Father walked over slowly and placed a hand on my shoulder, " I don't know, son. I don't know."
I felt tears form. I quickly brushed them away. I wanted to be with Sophie forever. Get her out of the pain she is in. To show her how much she means to me. I want to see her smile again. Marry her! I heard my wolf bark. I jumped up. I will marry her. The hell with asking for her father's permission. I will not live another day if she is not in my arms. I want her to be the first I see when I wake up. She is my one and only true mate. Most people can never find their true mates. I'm lucky I found her. I dug through my pocket. I felt the box for the wedding ring. It was my mother's. I slowly pulled it out. My dad smiled as I opened the small, velvet blue box. Inside was a sparkling, white diamond. It was the perfect size. Not too big and not to small. It was perfect just like my Sophie. My dad knew exactly what was thinking.
"Go get her, son." He laughed as he patted my back. I immediately obeyed. I ran as fast I could. As I ran around the corner, Catherine was dusting the hall of family pictures.
I stopped and yelled at her, " I am going to propose to Sophie."
Catherine dropped her duster and gasped, "Why are you stopping and telling me? Go ask her now!!!"
I laughed and ran toward my mate's room. When I got to her room, I composed myself, but my excitement was killing me. I threw open the doors, but Sophie was gone.

Sophie POV
�"•�" �"•�"
I sat with Andrei holding me for awhile until an idea came to me.
"Hmm?" Andrei said sleepily.
"You want to race?"
"Race now?"
I playfully hit him. "Yeah! I haven't had any fun in forever. Plus it'll get my mind off of Shane."
Andrei groaned,"Why now? I was starting to fall asleep."
I jumped off the bed and grabbed his arm. "PLEASE!!!!"
I pulled his arm harder but he still didn't move.
I pulled even harder.
"Pretty please."
"What the hell? Your almost pulling my arm out of my socket."
"Oh sorry." I pulled again and let go of his arm to let it hit the side base of the bed.
Andrei growled, "Fine! If I win, you are going to massage my arm for a month for hurting it."
"And if I win," I thought for second,"I dare you to kiss someone."
Andrei scoffed,"Deal."
"Let's go!!" I laughed pulling him out of the room. The farther I ran from the room, the more my wolf was whining. A part of me wanted to stay and wait for Shane, but I knew there was no hope. I just wanted to be an ordinary girl again without the werewolves. I wanted to be a human again with my "adoptive parents." Who actually loved me and cared about me. Who didn't give me up. I sighed. I need to stay happy. I need to run. I need to be in the woods. After going through windy hallways, and out away from the village, Andrei and I started stretching for the race. The smell of the pines reminded me of the woods at home. The birds tweeting their evening song where slowly becoming quieter as if they wanted to watch the race.
"I think you should kiss Catherine if I win,"I laughed.
Andrei rolled his eyes and laughed,"No, she is scared of me."
"No, she isn't" I smiled at memory of Catherine telling me about her feelings of Andrei.
"Come on, let's race." Andrei elbowed me.
"Fine. Ready?"
"GO!" Andrei exclaimed as he raced off into the woods. "Last one back to the village is a rotten wolf."
I rolled my eyes and took off into woods. My feet hit the ground with large cracks of leaves. My heartbeat was steady as sweat formed on my brow. The scent of the pines made me feel like I was in a dream. I leaped over a fallen tree and I could finally see Andrei's blond hair bobbing through the trees and brush. I forced my muscles to work harder. My feet bounded heavily on the ground. A drop of sweat slowly fell down my cheek. I smiled as Andrei's blond hair was getting closer and closer. With a footstep away, I flashed by him. The trees were a blur. All I could see was streaks of green, I looked back and see Andrei furiously trying to catch up. He would not outrun me. Andrei laughed, "I'm going to get you!"
My smile evaporated. Shane came back to my mind. I remember us racing in the woods before I got kidnapped by Vlad. I heard laughing, but it wasn't Andrei's laugh. I looked to my right to see Vlad running right beside me.
"Where's Shane? Did he give up on you? Did you find someone else to replace him? Smart girl. Didn't I tell you? Shane is a quitter."
No! Vlad get out of my head! I started to run harder. Now everything was blurred to a dark green. I heard Andrei yelling for me, " Sophie, slow down!!! Where are you going?"
I ignored him and ran as the tears were falling down my face.
I howled and ran back to the village. I heard Vlad laughing.
"Going back there? If I were you, I would make a run for it." I started to slow down and thought about Vlad's suggestion. It wasn't a bad idea. What about Shane? I felt my wolf yearn for him. I put that feeling aside and as I was about to sprint in the opposite direction of the village a strong hand grabbed my arm.
"What the hell? How did you run that fast?"
"Let go of me, " I growled.
"Sophie, what is up with you? You were having fun just a few minutes ago and then next thing i know you are.." Andrei's face softened as he saw tears running down my cheeks and me shaking.
"Did you see him?" Andrei growled at the word "him" like it was a disease. I gasped understanding that he was talking about Vlas. How did he know? How can he tell? I slowly nodded. Andrei embraced me, kissed my head, and whispered in my hair.
"That son of a b***h."
I could hear his heart bounding in his chest as Andrei held me close. He smelled of peppermint and pine just like Shane but it wasn't as strong. A part of me was upset it wasn't Shane holding me. Andrei held me until I stopped shaking.
"Why are you doing this?" I whispered.
"Because I'm your guardian." Andrei's soft light green eyes looked down on me.
" But to protect me not comfort me." I laughed.
Andrei just smiled and brushed a strand of hair away from my face.
"You know you won the race."
I gave him a small smile, "I guess I did."
"When you said that you dare me to kiss someone. Does that mean anyone."
I laughed at how ridiculous his question was.
"Yes! Anyone. Why? " I playfully hit him. Andrei never did answer. I slowly looked up to him and his green eyes were closer. And so was his lips. Before I would have backed away, but something was keeping me still. My wolf was howling in pain. I ignored the pain and as our lips were about to meet. Andrei whispered," You deserve so much better than this."
It was like fireworks exploded all around us as our lips met. He kissed me so softly. It was like his lips were caressing mine. I felt my wolf whine. This was not my mate. But I still let him kiss me. One of his hands held me close while the other held my face. Shane never kissed me like this. Again Shane popped in my head. As Andrei's hand slowly moved down to my hip. I gasped and backed away.
" Andrei, this isn't..."
Before I could rebuke him, a loud growl came from behind us. I turned around to see a very angry Shane, who was ready to turn at any point.

© 2013 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
Wow!! I finally got this chapter posted!! So watcha think????
What do you think about Andrei and Sophie's kiss???? Shocking right??!!! Haha

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I don't like Maria! Why did you put her in here? She's ruining everything for Sophie and Shane. And then I think Shane will kill Andrei now. XD Wow. That was really worth the wait! I need more!!!!! Great job, Invisible. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

6 Years Ago

Hahah! If you haven't read the next chapter yet...just a warning it may be sad.
Dark Rider

6 Years Ago

I shall read it now!
The Invisible Girl

6 Years Ago

Awesomee!!!! xD
Haha! So much drama and action, this is truly fun to read! I'm wondering if Maria or her "nurse" bewitched the king or what's going on there, and Shane! He and Sophie just keep missing each other, messing up, huh?! And somehow I knew something was going down with Andrei, as the scene opens with him holding her and a dare I had a feeling about;). Curious to see where things go from here! Will Shane listen or freak out and everything be lost again....?
So glad ur writing again, btw, and happy new year!!

Posted 6 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

6 Years Ago

Haha yep! The next chapter will be super intense! Lol haha thanks! Im glad im writing again too! ha.. read more

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