A Story by Jada Johnson

ever felt like going some place where nobody knows you?


out of all places why did you choose to take me here?”

“I just wanted to lay in front of the ocean for a while” 

so is this suppose to ease your mind or you just wanted to be out here with me?”

“you’ll see, just take my hand and get lost with me”

He was the waves that traveled through her mind, reassuring her that there was no place he’d rather be. the ocean set the tone, as well as the sky. She dreamed of this exact moment, laying down in the middle of the beach with no care in the world and no rules applied. 

As they look up to the bright sky, they decided on the man above being their host at this given time. It was one of those warm but cool afternoons, the sand beneath was the right temperature and the breeze felt beautiful against their bodies. They’ve dreamt of going someplace where they could ponder their thoughts and capture moments. This moment didn’t feel scripted, and when they escaped from their thoughts and took a glimpse of reality it still felt like the perfect vision. 

They’ll lay and every breath they took was a reminder of how good life can get, how beautiful life is, and how real this moment is. footprints imprinted in the sand representing the souls surrounding us and the voices of laughs and conversations consumed their minds. Now as they close their eyes, the rest of the world erases and both their bodies are now in a private place. The sunset crept in as their body rises, the motion was in sync giving them one last chance to think of any physical actions. 

We are in slow motion, and now their eyes are finally open, they began to stare into each other's eyes while zoning out anything that didn’t belong in their moment. He began to wrap her hair around her ear, while they were both concentrated on each other's eyes. realizing how happy they both were to be sun-kissed, lost in total bliss, love-struck, and far away from everything there is.

As they were both concentrated, her instincts told her it was only right if she felt his lips, so she pulled him in and sealed a kiss. So, passionate and intense, and as soon as they opened their eyes the world presented itself again. 

Back to reality where two lovers lie on the sand and now he’s glad he took her hand, and if they were to speak on this moment they would keep it concise, so in love yet lost in paradise. 

© 2018 Jada Johnson

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Wow you have a way with words i wish i had! awesome job! :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Your writing is so different and i loved that it doesnot follow any strict rules or guideline. Its free flowing and that's how i believe poetry should be.

Keep it up Jada

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Jada Johnson

3 Years Ago

Thank you, this comment means a lot.
Your writing is beautifully peaceful, almost as if you, yourself were treasuring this very moment as well. Fantastic job!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Jada Johnson

3 Years Ago

thank you, means a lot!
Bravo, bravo...encore... I'm a hopeless romantic so I was all in lol...

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Paradise and love. A wonderful place to know. I liked the deep and honest thoughts. You made the reader believe them. Thank you Jada for sharing the amazing story.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Jada Johnson
Jada Johnson

Toronto, Canada

"where the title meets the ending" I'm open to well-intentioned reviews and id be more than willing to give you that in return. also i do not give consent for my work to be copied. thank.. more..