Black ice (writing prompt)

Black ice (writing prompt)

A Story by countinggalaxies

Random scribbling of a half asleep person, that may one day turn into something.



“Damian!” I yell again. I feel like I’ve been yelling for days maybe even years but I know it’s only been a few minutes since he jumped off the bridge. “Keep this safe for me” he said giving me the necklace that I gave him the first christmas that we started being friends and since he has never taken off. I just mentioned how we were going to need to get a longer string for him a few weeks ago. I even went to a store and bought him one of those thick black cords so he could slip it off over his head anytime he wanted to, but it would last him, and now here we are. I’m on a bridge with my lungs hurting and my throat raw and all I can do is stare into the black water about where I think he would be and scream the name of my best friend. The jokester. The happy friend. The last person you would expect this to happen to.

CH. 1

It’s dark out. I silently move through the night with nothing but the trees around me. I can feel the gun in my hand my grip feeling too tight. The time to use it was coming soon. I saw the light streaming from the abandoned house and go up to the side of it. I see my target, a young man, with blonde hair and a build that left no doubts that he goes to the gym. He’s yelling at the young woman who is tied by the wrists to the table. She will cry out when I shoot him, I already know it, but I can’t let her distract me. I need to kill this man. I put my gun in front of me facing the back of the head of the blonde man. This was it, this is what I was born for. Suddenly the blonde man turns “Hayes.” This made me freeze, how did this f**k know my name? “Hayes, Mrs. Petruzello is going to catch you any minute.” I’m so confused and my vision is starting to get fuzzy, I take one more look at the blonde man and his face was suddenly a lot more thin and his blonde hair was darker and longer. “Damian?” I felt a knock on my chin as my head fell off my hand and hit the desk. I quickly looked around me and saw my friends Apologetic face. “Oops, sorry.” He mouthed and I saw a thick pair of hips stand in front of me hands balled up into fists on both of them. “Any idea the answer, Mr. Alfonso?” I quickly glanced at Damian again and looked down at my hands. “No, Mrs. Petruzello. I have-” Damian’s hand shot out and rested on my shoulder “Of course he knows the answer! Haven’t you seen Hayes’s perfect record, Mrs. Petruzello? He knows Romeo and Juliet by heart, in fact he was just debating with me this morning on if it was a poem or a play. He thinks there’s a good case for both of them.” The teacher turned quickly on Damian as he chatted away. I knew he was just trying to help me out but it always embarrassed me when he did things like this. “Thank you Mr. Chesson, but that’s quite enough out of you. You have good friends, Hayes. Maybe you could save them the effort and instead learn to simply pay attention.” With that she spun away and stalked back up the aisle continuing the lecture on Romeo and Juliet.

The bell rings and I scurry out of the classroom, trying my best to get to my locker with the minimum amount of attention being drawn to me. I get to my locker and just about have it open when Hayes plows up against the locker next to mine. “What happened in there? Were you up playing video games all night again?” I put my books on the top shelf and take out what I need for the next class. “I was studying for my history exam.” I can tell from the look on his face that he forgot all about it. “I’ll catch you up on what you need to know at lunch.” His easy smile returned to his face and he slapped my shoulder “Thanks man! You always save my a*s!” I nod and watch him walk away with that easy skip in his step. I think for a split second about telling him what I’ve been planning. I move the stack of papers shoved in the bottom of my locker and see the bottle of pills I’ve been saving. I have a guarantee from a warning label and internet search that taking the whole bottle mixed with alcohol should kill me. I’m not sure if it will be painless or quick but at this point I don’t care. I just want everything to end. I hide them again and close my locker turning to go to class. I run head first into the massive chest of Josh Freeman, the quarterback, and the most popular guy in school. “Bet you think you’re really cute in there. Getting straight A’s when you’re able to easily sleep through a class.” I lower my gaze and glue it to the floor. “I’m not magic, I just study, you should try it.” He pushes me against the locker and grabs me by the throat “Are you getting smart with me, Alfonso?” I shake my head and keep my eyes on the floor, hoping someone will intervene but knowing that they will not. The only one who has ever stuck up for me in these things was Damian and he’s off worrying about a history exam. I close my eyes and wait for the punch drowning him out but it never comes. Suddenly he releases me and I open my eyes in time to see a girl with short pink hair and biker boots with a book ready to be launched into Josh’s head

© 2016 countinggalaxies

Author's Note

Literally just posting this so I will have something on my very obviously blank profile. Forgive me.

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