A Poem by countinggalaxies

For a contest but something I've been wanting to post for awhile


It’s that time of year again,

I see the start of pumpkin spice, halloween posts on facebook, my color begins to drain.

I rush to the calendar flipping to the date, it can’’t have been another year.

Sure enough the black and white scrapings on the page rush up to meet me, oh dear.

I know what’s to come, soon enough the dreams will start

Me holding onto your body, your life falling away, It’ll rip out my heart

“It’s time to move on” My mother chides “It’s been 4 years, she was only a dog”

The dog was my world and ever since she passed my life has been nothing but fog

The sensations are still real to me, I feel your fur, see your smile,

the small bump on your back that was the only sign of your cancer. It fills my throat with bile.

I have moved on, I have many dogs now, I work to save them

I have so many animals who are grateful to me but every year I’m returned to the glum

It won’t be long now, I feel the darkness creeping around my heart,

I remember the song I sang to you as you died your life rushing away from my fingers

Your smell, your grace,your spunk, it all still lingers

The pain I never knew you endured

You would’ve never been cured

I tick off another day in my planner. My organization has saved 340 animals so far.

So why is it when I think of you my throat feels full of tar.

You were my best friend, my perfect ally,

And even if I live to be one hundred, it will always hurt to say goodbye.

I would give my world to see you one last time, but you are in your grave,

All my love, and sadness, for the one I could not save.

I love you, Scrappy.

© 2016 countinggalaxies

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Added on September 27, 2016
Last Updated on September 27, 2016



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