A Poem by lee von cleef

Live a ripe,raw,more relevant life.


I wish it were a knight mare of mescal

Mean menopause

But broken says it all                                                      

Sorrow stains tumble into the void around us

Her heart floats above the feather

Hollow deep wavy blue throaty emotional empty

Perspective embraces, we wish for

Mean menopause, a nightmare of mescal

Time defies logic and yours

Is not the only view

Of hell on the mountain

Drop the telescope and climb, climb the rope

Climb, three points contact, methodical, fluid, purpose

Reach down, form follows function


She said, “thank you in advance”

She said, “Breathe with your soul”

She wrote, “forget me after I’m gone”

In two days she was going to be

A southern biscuit sopping up a plate

Full of Hawaii

Eight minutes ago, eight miles ago

Authentic alive an accolade of life

A funeral is like what should have been a five-month

Planned wedding

Compressed into four days

Boxed and compacted with only our vitals showing

Especially so when “how are you today sweetie?”

Is our twenty-five year old

Blonde worker bee

Pain shared is pain lessened

Courtney Marie Darnell died June 5th at approximately 4:15pm

Six days shy of twenty-six

The afternoon “microburst” maps out pretty


Just over a little rise headed south on highway 5 into Hot Springs, Arkansas

A tall pine falls straight across the road stopping a car in front of Courtney’s truck.

A tall pine falls straight behind Courtney’s truck, blocking retreat.

A tall pine falls at an angle taking out the cab and Courtney.

No skid marks.

A stout breath, thunder, and she’s gone,



© 2013 lee von cleef

Author's Note

lee von cleef
Know that somehow Courtney is more present,then ever before.

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Eight moments later, eight moments earlier... If those moments could just be redrawn, retracted, relived... But life can never be and so we live on and share our pain like this, piercing heartfelt write of yours. And try to breathe. And try to feel them still there. This was chilling Lee. I'm so sorry for Courtney...

Posted 7 Years Ago

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A remarkable, extraordinary, painful , tragic , beautiful write. This one affected me. It went very deep and I am glad for that. The loss is palpable and the poem is truly heartfelt and heartachingly memorable. If I say any more it will be just words.

Posted 3 Years Ago

there are pines that make sea faring vessels. pines that make book shelves. bed heads. breakfast tables drumming out the noisy one hand clapping. there are pines that make bulldozed mountains, sheer and clean for the digging. sometimes they find oil under there. motorizing the developed world. we love it. don't we? engines. trees. the rawness. the grit we pair ourselves with.
another interesting poem

Posted 6 Years Ago

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lee von cleef

6 Years Ago

Thank ya, yes this pushed my journey into emotion, interesting.
Enjoyed reading.........:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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This poem has my pulse pounding.
My daughter was struck by lightning two years ago...
She has had a difficult two years as she begins her recovery, but a big part of her survived.
All I can think of is how thankful I am she was not killed.
Then I read something like this and I pray fir those fate has been less kind towards. Also, I pray to never know this loss.
I did enjoy the healing line you ended with. You have a mature and healthy mind to see things this way.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Life moves as life moves...we have little effect on things, and even if we could go back in time it is likely that anything we do would not make a difference. Anyway, that is one of the many things that I got from this piece metaphorically. Bittersweet tragedy...a chilling tale of loss and desperation. I'm almost reluctant to say how much I enjoyed the vivid imagery, because there is such an undertone of loss. So, I will leave this review just by saying that you have written something important did not fall upon deaf ears.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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lee von cleef

7 Years Ago

thank you, training a race horse at some point ,( a real good one you hope), steps up and transcends.. read more
One word : Awesome...:).........

Posted 7 Years Ago

A tragic tale for sure. You've brought the who sad incident to life for your readers. Creative and skillfully done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Lee, I can only sit aside in quiet acknowledgment here. I came back to read your other piece, and followed your notes, here. Understanding what happened. Wishing a stranger's words from across space had some healing power. This piece is raw, and untempered... I think you forged the hot metal into the colder masterpieces of your other works, but this has the heat and power of freshness. It takes an incredible gift to turn searing pain into a work of beauty for others to experience and reas and share with you. Thank you for the gift you give us here.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Marie Anzalone

7 Years Ago

your energy is as beautiful as your words, lee
lee von cleef

7 Years Ago

scratch the moon tonight and watch it giggle.
Marie Anzalone

7 Years Ago

oh believe me you have no idea... :-)
Such a sad story and such an incredible tribute to a loved one prematurely taken away. The loss of a child is the most tragic experience one can go through and having to prepare for a funeral instead of a wedding is more than just heartbreaking, it is against nature. I am sure Courtney is more present now then ever; angels always are. May she rest in peace and may her spirit guide you and give you strength

Posted 7 Years Ago

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lee von cleef

7 Years Ago

I did not know that till now. I'll see if some of his poems are floating around. Another poet "The C.. read more
Petra Vlah

7 Years Ago

Please let me know if Diego is still around. I would love to read his poetry. Poets come and go from.. read more
lee von cleef

7 Years Ago

This sight and the many I have interacted with here have been supportive, a few have a difficult tim.. read more

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lee von cleef
lee von cleef


Good morning,Thank you for stopping by. I like to write,I like to layer a story into a poem,I want to crack through to the reader,add emotion to life, theirs and mine. more..


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