Broken Girl

Broken Girl

A Poem by Crazycatgirl_10

Note: Rape, cutting, and suicide are briefly mentioned. Poem based on my life. Basically it's the thoughts that went through my head during a rough day this week as I went to school and work.

Here stands a broken girl
Shattered into a million little pieces
She acts like she's put together
But cries and falls apart when she's alone

Life has thrown her many curveballs
Rape, depression, cutting, suicide
She has seen it all
Will she ever be okay again?

Her heart is burdened with her secret
She wants to scream it to the world
But when asked what's wrong
She can only silently shake her head

People want to help
To show her that they care
But she is so distrustful
She thinks they're only pretending

Every night she lifts her eyes to heaven
"God are you really there?
Do you really see me
And all the pain I'm going through."

She is given the silent answer
Peace from her restlessness
Hope for her hopelessness
And strength to get through tomorrow

She is slowly being put back together
Her Savior drying her tears
"It's okay my Child
I see you and I care."

© 2015 Crazycatgirl_10

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A beautiful and remarkable poem it is well spoken it allows the reader to relate to it this is deep and passionate it has so much rythm and soul in it and is beautiful and is a must read for people that are misunderstood and feel alone just know the past won't always haunt things get better over time I know what it is like I have seen it all to its hard sometimes but there is hope for everyone

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on October 24, 2015
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