A Poem by Zoe

so hard to keep up a facade sometimes.

Sun blaring,
all I feel is rain.
 that tickle my

Soaking it with cruel memories
not so long forgotten.
Flooding my mind.
my soul.

Clutching to my heart like a life jacket,
Drowning in a sea that ceases to calm.
Strong waves crashing overhead.
Gulping for air, I grab for what I once knew.

sunny days.
How does one remember sunlight?
the warmth, the smiles, the happiness?

                                    into a grey, damp world. 

L.o.b.o.t.o.m.i.z.e.d. imagination turns stone and lifeless.
Grinning is merely showing teeth.
Laughing is but a noise.
Love is a word found in storybooks.

Passion    r    u    n    s         o    u     t,
motivation only to sometimes remember
to breathe.
stale air entering lungs in

quickly a glimmer of light ignites the cell.
slowly snuffed out.

Nothing but empty.



© 2010 Zoe

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Probably the best of your poems I read so far.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The poem is so good. The feeling of disappointment and desertion in powerful in your words. Your language is amazing. Your poetry needs to be read a few times. Once to grasp the beauty of your language and the second time to feel the emotion of your words. A outstanding poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love this, I love how the words are on the page, the place they fall and the can in fonts and whatnot. Very creative.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Possibly my favorite of your writing. Presented uniquely and effectively. So somber; being dragged out of happiness, as if it were a wooden ship, quickly swallowed up by a storm and you were hurled into a whirlpool, where all the happiness and pleasure has been sucked down into it before you. It seems, by then, you have lost hope and let yourself be taken down under to the depths of the ocean. That last glimmer of light, to stay within the context of the ocean I suppose, came to me in the form of a lanternfish, as you have reached deep into the ocean. Ignoring the fact that such depths would crush you, you slowly lose consciousness and die.
That's what appeared in my head, and how my mind decided to bring this writing to life, anyway. hahah


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 6, 2010
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New York City, NY

Hi, I'm new here. A popular theme in my writing is sexuality. I think it's very important for a person to be in tune with their sexual side. I don't like to follow any poetry "rules"- just like to wr.. more..

Little Red S**t Little Red S**t

A Poem by Zoe


A Poem by Zoe

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